Monday, July 17

INVERNESS: At 8:02 a.m. a man wanted to talk about a neighbor flying a drone over his property. 

BOLINAS: At 12:32 p.m. someone was deemed a danger to themself or others.

WOODACRE: At 3:35 p.m. someone was yelling at a patrol officer giving traffic citations.

WOODACRE: At 6:50 p.m. a cow was walking on White’s Hill.

STINSON BEACH: At 10:05 p.m. someone was stuck behind a locked gate.

WOODACRE: At 11:17 p.m. someone needed medics.

Tuesday, July 18

CHILENO VALLEY: At 2:42 a.m. a man and woman were fighting in a driveway.

DILLON BEACH: At 9:30 a.m. a beachgoer reported losing a phone.

WOODACRE: At 11:05 a.m. a man called about an eviction.

SAN GERONIMO: At 11:51 a.m. a woman said her neighbor’s boyfriend had broken into the house, grabbed her wrist and choked her.

CHILENO VALLEY: At 11:46 a.m. someone had died.

BOLINAS: At 12:11 p.m. a woman had lost her phone at the beach.

POINT REYES STATION: At 1:21 p.m. someone wanted to talk about parking issues.

SAN GERONIMO: At 4:29 p.m. a longhaired older man was standing in the boulevard in an orange vest, trying to stop traffic.

TOMALES: At 10:17 p.m. a lost man was wandering around someone’s property, mumbling and knocking on doors. 

Wednesday, July 19

TOMALES: At 12:44 a.m. medics placed someone on a mental health hold.

WOODACRE: At 6:13 a.m. a man was sleeping in a car on Redwood Canyon.

BOLINAS: At 8:07 a.m. power lines were arcing in two places.

SAN GERONIMO: At 8:36 a.m. a key fob was lost.

MARSHALL: At 9:05 a.m. hate-speech graffiti was reported at or near Walker Creek Ranch.

OLEMA: At 9:11 a.m. a man was asleep among his possessions on a roadside.

TOMALES: At 9:43 a.m. a man asked for an update on a report he had made about another man kicking a large item down a hill that had scratched his vehicle.

STINSON BEACH: At 10:13 a.m. a woman reported stolen license plates.

POINT REYES STATION: At 12:14 p.m. someone reported a missing two-pocket folder holding financial records.

POINT REYES STATION: At 2:47 p.m. someone said a neighbor regularly walked a dog off leash.

HICKS VALLEY: At 4:05 p.m. cows were loose in the road.

STINSON BEACH: At 4:11 p.m. a white Tesla was speeding west.

WOODACRE: At 4:46 p.m. a deputy verified new no-parking signs.

BOLINAS: At 5:48 p.m. medics transported someone.

STINSON BEACH: At 7:49 p.m. medics transported someone else.

Thursday, July 20

POINT REYES STATION: At 4:34 a.m. a vacationer called from his Airbnb to report a dog growling and a man screaming.

NICASIO: At 11:20 a.m. someone reported being hit on a trail by a teenager on an electric motorcycle. A deputy located the youth on Lucas Valley Road before he fled into open space.  

NICASIO: At 12:11 p.m. a woman said PG&E contractors had come to her property without warning and were cutting down an entire tree that she believed need only be trimmed. 

LAGUNITAS: At 5:15 p.m. someone wanted help evicting a person who had torn down prior eviction notices. 

NICASIO: At 7:08 p.m. someone asked for a welfare check on a wife.

SAMUEL P. TAYLOR: At 9:08 p.m. a tree had fallen into the boulevard.

DILLON BEACH: At 11:35 p.m. medics transported someone.

Friday, July 21

SAN GERONIMO: At 12:41 a.m. someone saw fireworks exploding at the former golf course.

CHILENO VALLEY: At 4:06 a.m. medics transported someone.

DILLON BEACH: At 4:46 a.m. medics transported someone else.

OLEMA: At 8:40 a.m. a landowner asked for a civil standby while talking with an evicted tenant.

LAGUNITAS: At 10:40 a.m. a homeowner asked deputies to stand by while they posted an eviction notice for a third time.

INVERNESS: At 12:35 p.m. someone said a neighbor had parked trailers and set out cones in an easement shared by multiple homeowners.

STINSON BEACH: At 1:35 p.m. a wallet was reported stolen from an unlocked car at the market.

TOMALES: At 2:35 p.m. a call came in with a man screaming in the background, “I don’t live there anymore!”

NICASIO: At 4:18 p.m. a woman was driving recklessly in a police-type sedan.

POINT REYES STATION: At 5:33 p.m. a deputy reported an incident involving themself. 

WOODACRE: At 5:39 p.m. someone asked for extra patrol at stop signs.

MUIR BEACH: At 7:33 p.m. someone called for medics.

OLEMA: At 7:52 p.m. an Outlander had flipped onto its roof.

DILLON BEACH: At 7:54 p.m. a deputy patrolled the campground.

SAN GERONIMO: At 11:04 p.m. a Mercedes was sitting empty with its door open.

WOODACRE: At 11:33 p.m. a man was having a breakdown.

MOUNT TAM: At 11:48 p.m. someone asked for a welfare check.

SAN GERONIMO: At 11:50 p.m. someone reported a suspicious Mercedes.

Saturday, July 22

FOREST KNOLLS: At 12:07 a.m. someone complained about loud music at the saloon.

MARSHALL: At 4:46 a.m. a man said he had been awakened in the night by carjackers: a man and woman wearing face coverings and carrying a gun who showed him a bullet and told him not to call police. He said they were driving a Crown Victoria.

MARSHALL: At 8:58 a.m. someone found their mailbox knocked off its post by an old police car that had crashed into it in the night and then pulled over. It was sitting there empty but the caller had seen a vagrant with an ax handle walking around, looking drunk. 

FOREST KNOLLS: At 10:12 a.m. a man said his ex-wife had said she was too sick to exchange their daughter and was not letting him talk to her.

NICASIO: At 10:58 a.m. medics transported someone.

STINSON BEACH: At 1:13 p.m. someone called about parking needs for a recently hospitalized woman.

TOMALES: At 1:51 p.m. medics transported someone.

POINT REYES STATION: At 1:58 p.m. an S.U.V. sideswiped a motorcycle.

POINT REYES STATION: At 2:13 p.m. someone said a couple had just bought two beers at a restaurant using a credit card that belonged to someone on the East Coast.

STINSON BEACH: At 2:57 p.m. a car was blocking a gate.

STINSON BEACH: At 3:11 p.m. a truck was blocking a driveway.

NICASIO: At 3:25 p.m. someone called about an accident near a job site.

DILLON BEACH: At 4:53 p.m. someone reported a non-injury accident involving a rental car.

MARSHALL: At 7:03 p.m. an old police car was parked near a boat launch.

POINT REYES STATION: At 7:18 p.m. a woman said she was in her car with two children in a parking lot when a man started to pee nearby. She had asked him not to and he’d threatened to beat up the people she was with, she said.

SEASHORE: At 8 p.m. someone reported a suspicious circumstance on the Laguna Trail.

STINSON BEACH: At 8:40 p.m. someone was yelling and hitting a car.

DILLON BEACH: At 10:15 p.m. fireworks were sounding on Tahiti Way.

Sunday, July 23

POINT REYES STATION: At 1:11 a.m. someone had shone a laser on an airplane.

MUIR BEACH: At 6:13 a.m. someone heard four shotsand a person yelling.

STINSON BEACH: At 8:03 a.m. a campfire was burning on the shoreline.

MUIR BEACH: At 10:28 a.m. a neighbor reported people camping.

TOMALES: At 11:36 a.m. two cars crashed and one person was bleeding from the head.

STINSON BEACH: At 1:30 p.m. a truck and trailer was double parked on the highway.

LAGUNITAS: At 1:50 p.m. a man said a trespasser had gotten a car stuck on his property.

POINT REYES STATION: At 2:14 p.m. someone reported a lost wallet.

INVERNESS PARK: At 2:30 p.m. a woman said a neighbor was weed-whacking or leaf-blowing or tree-cutting.

SEASHORE: At 3:16 p.m. someone needed medics.

SEASHORE: At 3:17 p.m. deputies were on the lookout for someone. 

INVERNESS: At 4:17 p.m. a woman reported a lost cell phone.

NICASIO: At 5:51 p.m. a woman had not returned from a hike behind her house.

POINT REYES STATION: At 5:55 p.m. a car tumbled off the highway. 

BOLINAS: At 6:45 p.m. a homeowner reported a messy trailer camper.

BOLINAS: At 9:14 p.m. the homeowner said the person had moved 10 feet down the road.

INVERNESS PARK: At 11:36 p.m. a neighbor reported a loud party on Balboa.