ACLU sues over sharing license data

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office illegally shares license plate data with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and hundreds of out-of-state law enforcement agencies, according to a lawsuit filed last week by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of local activists.

Park service nixes Stinson parking fees

The National Park Service has backed down from its plan to impose parking fees at Stinson Beach and other lots in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The proposal to begin charging visitors drew significant backlash from local officials and community members who voiced concerns over equitable access,

Recognition for Drake’s landing site

The mouth of Drakes Estero, widely recognized as the most likely location of Sir Francis Drake’s landing on the Pacific coast in 1579, is getting additional recognition from the state.

Point Reyes bakery for sale

After 21 years in Point Reyes Station, Brickmaiden Breads and the building it occupies are up for sale. Owner Celine Underwood has decided to take a step back from the lifestyle that her bustling business demands to reassess her personal goals.

Open Classroom event draws anti-vaxx protesters

A small event at Lagunitas School drew anti-vaccine protesters on Saturday after a handful of alumni learned the event required Covid vaccinations. Seven protesters arrived at a kick-off event for the 50th anniversary celebration of the school’s Open Classroom program,

Nature Notebook, October 21, 2021

The Orionids peak on Oct. 21 but will be hard to spot due to the full moon. This moon is known as the hunter’s moon, as it traditionally allowed extra night light to hunt animals for winter food supplies.

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