Pain management group to meet again

West Marin residents suffering from severe, chronic physical pain now have a venue to share their experiences and learn about alternative medical offerings to treat their ailments. For the second consecutive month, Inverness resident Jeff Hickey will host a meeting of the West Marin Pain Management Group on Saturday to...

Marijuana, with fertilizer, found in Tomales

Officers seized 350 mature marijuana plants last Thursday on private property abutting Walker Creek near Tomales, according to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. The grow site sported useable bud worth $700,000 in street sales, and officers also found 100 pounds of fertilizer, some of which was spilling into the stream...

Debris spurs shellfish changes

Concerns that too much oyster cultivation gear gets loose in Tomales Bay have led state agencies to review the rules of shellfish farms leases throughout the state and begin to develop a first-ever set of best management practices along with input from growers. A meeting held last week at the...

Mooring plan takes effect in bay

Sailboats and trawlers bobbing in Tomales Bay must now pay for moorings and abide by stricter guidelines for how and where their boats can be moored, following the launch last Friday of an interagency mooring program that puts the final touches on a larger vessel management plan for the bay...

Hardware store sells, no changes planned

A novice rancher and high-level executive at a luxury home-furnishing retailer finalized his purchase last week of Point Reyes Station’s lone hardware store, the Building Supply Center. The store’s new owner, Ken Dunaj, told the Light that he has no plans to change the nature of the store. Mr. Dunaj,...

Marshall man makes vision app

A new smartphone app that helps people with low-vision underwent a successful litmus test in West Marin last week. If the app—designed by a former professor who lives in Marshall—secures federal approval, it could provide millions with a relatively affordable option to remedy failing eyesight. Created by Frank Werblin, a...

Joey Mendoza, ranching fixture, dies at 71

West Marin lost an icon last month. Joseph “Joey” Mendoza Jr., a third generation rancher on the Point Reyes Peninsula well known for his kindness, community spirit, and work ethic, died on July 23 after...

Enigmatic 1946 bomber plane crash continues to intrigue

“Roger, I just want to get down to the field as soon as possible, I’m low on gas. Over.” These were the desperate words of pilot 1st Lieutenant Warder Skaggs as he contacted the U.S. Naval Air Station in Oakland just minutes before crashing into White’s Hill in Fairfax on...

Grant for Murphy Ranch MALT easement approved

A $412,000 grant to help preserve the 186-acre Murphy Ranch east of downtown Tomales was approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. The grant will fund half the cost of an agricultural easement that the Marin Agricultural Land Trust plans to purchase. The easement will require active agricultural use...


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