Less than half of eligible Marin residents use food stamps, study shows

Marin County is contending with a sizable gap in the number of people who qualify for food stamps but have not enrolled, with the fourth lowest percentage of sign-ups among the state’s 58 counties, according to a report by a hunger advocacy group. Eligibility for CalFresh, the state program that...

Salmon spared by full reservoirs

February’s 21 inches of rain ended discussions between Marin Municipal Water District and state agencies over a temporary reduction of mandatory releases to Walker and Lagunitas Creeks. The dry fall and early winter had depleted reservoirs so dramatically that the district was planning on drawing from their two emergency reservoirs;...

Governor to run for reelection

Governor Jerry Brown seems to enjoy breaking records. In 1975, he became the youngest person to lead the Golden State, and after three failed runs for the presidency and two terms as Oakland’s mayor, Mr. Brown returned to the job in 2011 as the oldest governor. With the start of...

Seashore elk population drops

A drastic drop in the tule elk population in the Point Reyes National Seashore last year was likely the consequence of pitiful rainfalls in 2013, which depleted available forage and water, according to the National Park Service. Overall, the numbers dropped from 700 elk in 2012 to under 504 last...

Heavy pension debts tax Marin

The supervisors’ chambers were filled with a throng of public employees last month—many of them firemen, appearing like a wall of flames in red union shirts—and citizens pushing for reform to the county’s retirement benefits. “I am a Marin public fireman, and I am definitely not from Sausalito. I can’t...

Visitor load shuts restroom on weekends

Visitors flooding Point Reyes Station on weekends may boost the local economy when they shop and dine downtown, but their consumption has also led to a serious human waste problem: tourists have so grossly overtaxed the county-owned restrooms on Mesa Road that sewage recently breached a holding tank and toilets...

Sale final for slaughterhouse

After closing escrow last Friday, Marin Sun Farms founder David Evans became the official owner of the Petaluma slaughterhouse entangled in Rancho Feeding’s massive beef recall. The multi-million dollar purchase and upgrades to the facility, slated to reopen as early as this month, completes the company’s vertical integration from slaughter...

Core standards tested by spring

The implementation of a new set of national educational standards in Marin schools has led teachers to stress informational texts and evidence-based composition in classrooms this year. The Common Core standards, newly adopted by 45 states, also bring a new approach to testing. California students will be given draft tests...

Humane society: Let dogs run free

The Marin Humane Society sent a frustrated letter earlier this month to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area over the proposed elimination of all but one of the park’s off-leash dog walking sites in the county. Society spokeswoman Carrie Harrington said that although it is important for pets to be...

School music teacher requested

Sixth-grade teacher David Whitney has asked Shoreline Unified School District’s board to not only reverse cuts that have been made to the music program at West Marin School but to employ a full-time music teacher, which would be a first for the school. At Thursday’s board meeting Mr. Whitney explained...


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