The Tomales Bay Youth Center, a hub for young people located on the West Marin School campus, has been adopted by West Marin Community Services. The acquisition will provide a more secure future for the center, which started in 2011 as a program of the West Marin Lions Club. Over time, the project grew and provided after-school services and served as a hub for youth advocacy. Madeline Hope, the director of the youth center, said the project relied on many disparate funding streams and the Lions Club had been looking to merge with a larger community partner for years; at the same time, West Marin Community Services was looking to expand its influence on youth services. After consulting with the Center for Volunteer Nonprofit Leadership and conducting a feasibility study, the boards of the Lions Club and West Marin Community Services voted to move forward with the merger, which began on July 1. Ms. Hope said she was thrilled to be partnering with the nonprofit, which will integrate the center into a larger support system that will provide more stability and new opportunities for growth. The youth center, now called the Youth Services Program, will continue to be supported by the Lions Club through the allotment of 4 percent of the club’s annual income to the new program. The re-envisioned youth center will provide more specialized programming for students in middle and high school, and opportunities for older, transitional-age youth.