Two hundred and fifteen acres in Valley Ford will be protected from development in perpetuity, after Marin Agricultural Land Trust purchased its sixty-sixth conservation easement last week. The owners of the Mazzucchi Ranch, Stan Mazzucchi and his sister, Loretta Bidarruta, accepted $424,000 for forgoing their right to subdivide or develop. They will continue raising 300 head of sheep, and will use the funds to improve and expand their operation. “This well cared-for ranch is a perfect example of how Marin Agricultural Land Trust works with ranchers and farmers to help them keep the land that has been in their family for generations,” said Bob Berner, executive director of MALT. “Keeping this land in well-managed, small-scale agriculture will help protect the water and soil quality of the fragile Estero Americano.” The land trust, in its thirtieth year, protects nearly 42,000 acres of agricultural land from commercial development.