Tomales strawberry grower Russ Sartori was driving home on Tomales-Petaluma Road last Wednesday when a stray bullet from a nearby firing range hit the side of his Chevy Suburban. Twelve Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputies were practicing pistol marksmanship at the Circle S shooting range, one of whom presumably fired the wayward shot. “I don’t know if they give an IQ to shoot at that range,” Sartori said. “They’re human too. But I’m just glad because sometimes my little girl rides with me too.” Sartori said that one bullet hitting his car suggests that multiple shots must have missed the large hill that prevents the majority of bullets from raining down on Tomales-Petaluma Road. He also pointed out that the hundreds of unprotected bicyclists that use the road each weekend are at risk. The Sonoma Sheriff’s Office told Sartori that the incident has been filed with the risk management department.