For the first time since 2010, there are three candidates for Western Weekend’s youth raffle contest—formerly competing to be queen, and now junior grand marshal. Two best friends, Heidi Gonzalez (top) and Hana Cassel (bottom), both juniors at Tomales High, are selling tickets to help pay their college tuition. Ms. Gonzalez and Ms. Cassel, who have known each other since preschool, are cheerleaders and leaders in F.F.A.; Ms. Gonzalez owns sheep, and Ms. Cassel, chickens. Fourteen-year-old Coco McMorrow (center) of Inverness would use the funds to pay for art classes. She's a competitive ballroom and Latin dancer who designs and sews her dresses. Ms. McMorrow hopes to pursue dancing and, later, teaching dance as a career. Raffle tickets cost $1 each, and the candidates will receive half of the proceeds from their sales. A Western Weekend committee will consider raffle sales and other criteria, including interviews and an application, to chose a junior grand marshal to be presented at a barn dance on June 1 and preside over the parade on June 2. Tickets are available at Building Supply. David Briggs