Lorraine Lucchesi was born on a vegetable farm near Drakes Beach in 1937. At age 7 she moved to downtown Inverness Park, an Italian enclave called “Little Italy” at the time. She and her husband, Tony Luchessi, bought a house for $6,000, paying a mortgage of $25 a month. Ms. Lucchesi has been a fixture in the bayside town for decades, in recent years taking thrice-daily constitutional walks to the top of Vallejo, passing out dog biscuits along the way. In June she is leaving West Marin to live with a daughter in Idaho. The Inverness Park Association will celebrate her life with a potluck gathering at 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 17 at the kiosk in the downtown park; please bring a dish, photographs, stories or anything else to share. David Briggs