Supervisors approve budget, without cuts


Marin County supervisors approved a $490 million budget last week, a 5.8 percent increase from last fiscal year bolstered by a turnaround on the housing market. The budget did not cut any services and gave a 2.8 percent cost-of-living raise to public employees, totaling $7.3 million. Supervisors approved a 10 percent raise for themselves to bring their salaries to $109,000. A $4 million facility improvement program will direct money to repairs for the Woodacre fire station and renovations for West Marin Health and Human Services. Funds also went to subsidize drought relief for farmers and temporary toilets in Point Reyes at $125,000 each. Additional funds for expanded childcare and fixes to the emergency radio system will be sought at the ballot box in two November measures. Supervisor Steve Kinsey suggested an informal community meeting in September to revisit how the budget is aligning with community needs and spending priorities, particularly on climate change and economic inequality.
— Christopher Peak