Principal signs district settlement


Jane Realon, a 19-year employee for Shoreline Unified School District, will work as an administrator on special assignment during the 2014-15 school year, according to terms of a settlement. “I have loved serving Tomales Elementary and Bodega Bay Schools during my years as their principal. Both school are very special and will remain dear to my heart,” Ms. Realon said in an email. “It has been such a gift to work alongside two talented and caring staffs as we all did our best to help guide and educate children.” Next year Ms. Realon will likely work on grant applications, she added, drawing on past experience working with the Marin Community Foundation. She will receive her regular annual salary of $129,891 next year. For the 2015-16 school year, she has the rights to a teaching position, after which her employment will be terminated, the settlement stipulates. Ms. Realon thanked those who have “stepped up to serve on the school board” and the “special and generous families” at both schools. “Not only do [families] share their wonderful children with us, they contribute to the schools’ success in so many ways,” she said. “Tomales and Bodega Bay won the jackpot in the parent department.”