Militia names Bolinas patrol as confederates


Right-wing militias arming themselves against the 70,000 unaccompanied Latin American children expected to cross the border this year have praised an unlikely model for their xenophobia: the sign-stealing hippies of the Bolinas Border Patrol. “We have independent units from the Bolinas Border Patrol and the Central Valley Citizens militia joining forces with independent citizens militia units of Texas to defend our southern border in Texas, to protest Obama’s lawless open border policies and to rally support for Governor Perry to officially call out [National] Guard units and Texas militia units at his disposal to defend the border!! The invasion is happening now,” Jim Robinson posted as the plan to secure the borders on Free Republic, his online forum that’s been mobilizing conservatives since 1998 for actions ranging from impeachment rallies against Clinton to more recent Dixie Chicks boycotts over the band’s opposition to the Iraq War. “Freepers,” as the commenters refer to themselves, often focus on social issues, advocating guns and closed borders, opposing gay marriage and abortion. In a follow-up post Mr. Robinson said he was pleased that California was coming “to the rescue” because freepers so often “slam our state.” His plan soon made its way onto Fox News and trended across the Tea Party blogosphere. But even after Pacific Sun posted an article about the apparent mix-up over the Bolinas’s “tongue-in-cheek” group last week, conservatives continued to hold up the coastal village as a patriotic example. “Even the laid back beach crowd in California are raising up to stop the invasion,” someone posted on, a forum on self-sufficiency, disaster readiness and urban survival. Mr. Robinson had a more disturbing outlook, which he posted last Friday: “Maybe tongue-in-cheek now for that hippie enclave, but drop off a bus load of MS-13s, I mean ‘border children’ (sorry), and they will turn Tea Party immediately,” he wrote. He added that he had been to Bolinas on a couple of occasions. “If you want a salad at their one restaurant, the waitress pulls some weeds from the front lawn,” he said. Here’s hoping the Bolinas Border Patrol redoubles their efforts, so Mr. Robinson won’t be finding his way back any time soon.