County cuts contractor with nuclear ties


Marin County’s Peace Conversion Commission added another company to the list of nuclear weapons contractors that face significant road-blocks to conducting business with the county. AECOM Corporation, an infrastructure and support services firm with 45,000 employees and annual revenue exceeding $8 billion, was blacklisted last week for its work on nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. Following the philosophy of “think globally, act locally,” the commission was created by a 1986 initiative declaring Marin a nuclear-free zone. The five-member panel has effectively banned the county from investing in, purchasing from or contracting with about 30 corporations.

“The law’s purpose is to influence corporations to end their nuclear weapons involvement, and thereby also eliminate their incentive to promote government nuclear weapons purchases,” said William Rothman, the commission’s chair.

AECOM designed and built the county’s 363-bed jail and connected it to the Hall of Justice by an underground tunnel in 1994. More recently, it took over work on the $4.7 million Cal Park Tunnel project to rehabilitate the pathway between San Rafael and Larkspur while preparing for the future SMART station. According to the public works department, the company is not involved in any current projects.