Bolinas drama satirizes foodies


The original play “Taste,” written and directed by local Patrice Daley, will premiere at the Bolinas Community Center at the end of November. The two-act drama playfully satirizes “foodie” culture: celebrity chefs, the Food Network, organic stands at every corner and those who bring their preferred brand of salt for a dinner out. The story centers on two acclaimed restaurants in San Francisco’s Mission District as both chefs go head-to-head to win a Michelin Star. When the play begins, Rosemary (played by Louisa “Wiki” Newcomb) has temporarily lost her sense of taste after having her wisdom teeth removed. She previously worked for her rival Henry (Howard Schechter) before taking the recipe for the renowned Farallon Island sauce and starting her own bistro across the street. Her former boss is trying every recipe he can cook up to ruin Rosemary’s chances and keep the literal “stardom” for himself. When an old chef named Renfro (Howard Dillon) returns after allegedly burning down his restaurant, the drama really heats up. Who owns the sauce, how was the great chef’s restaurant really destroyed and who will win fame for their California cuisine? Ms. Daley, who also works at Star Route Farms, said she herself is not a foodie, but she promises to serve up a feast for those hungry for an entrée of laughter with a side of drama. Most of the cast members have been preparing in Ms. Daley’s acting workshops since January, and all of them are from West Marin. Charlie Docherty designed the set and lighting, and Suzanne Ciani scored the production. The show begins at 8 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 22; Saturday, Nov. 23; Friday, Nov. 29; and Saturday, Nov. 30. There will also be a 7 p.m. show on Sunday, Nov. 24. For more information or to buy tickets, call (415) 868.2758.