Baseball batter gets 12 years


A judge sentenced Kelsey Lin Winterkorn to 12 years in state prison for attempted murder and inflicting great bodily injury last month after she tried to kill an associate with a baseball bat and then run him down with her van in Inverness Park. Ms. Winterkorn, 27, a former freelance photographer in San Francisco, and three others had leased a home on Redwood Avenue, where they started a marijuana farm together, unbeknownst to the property owner. In March, Ms. Winterkorn grew so miffed by personal and business tensions with one of the partners, Sasan Dresden, that she clubbed his head with a baseball bat twice while he was sleeping. Another resident at the house drove him to medical help at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, where he received 50 stitches. Ms. Winterkorn pursued them in her orange Dodge van—scrawled with “Biohazard Battlecruiser”—and rammed into them on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard before fleeing. Deputies spotted the unmistakable vehicle in Sonoma County and arrested her that night. The sheriff’s deputies eventually made their way to the marijuana farm and booked the other business partners, including Mr. Dresden, with maintaining a site for drug production. All three pled guilty and received 29 days in jail. Ms. Winterkorn also pled guilty after negotiating a deal with the prosecution. Additional charges were dropped, but she accepted the maximum sentence for her plea to avoid a potential life sentence if the case went to trial.