Sunday, July 31

INVERNESS: At 6:42 a.m. a woman said a neighbor with a restraining order against her had filmed her while she walked her dogs the night before.

POINT REYES STATION: At 7:18 a.m. an intoxicated man was reported in a car.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 10:56 a.m. loud people were reported in a van near the post office

FOREST KNOLLS: At 11:22 a.m. a woman was yelling at people as they walked past a box truck.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 12:38 p.m. a woman screamed at someone and circled them on her bicycle.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 1:10 p.m. a man said a woman was refusing to get off private property.

MARSHALL: At 3:45 p.m. someone found a wallet.

DOGTOWN: At 4:25 p.m. someone reported a reckless motorcycle.

SAN GERONIMO: At 6:53 p.m. loud music was playing at a restaurant.

BOLINAS: At 7:12 p.m. a drunk man was stumbling down Wharf Road.

SEASHORE: At 8:25 p.m. an elk had gotten its antlers stuck in a wire fence.

Monday, August 1

FOREST KNOLLS: At 12:24 a.m. a dog was barking again. 

POINT REYES STATION: At 1:02 a.m. people were being loud at the school. 

LAGUNITAS: At 10:07 a.m. medics transported someone.

POINT REYES STATION: At 11:13 a.m. someone wanted help retrieving a car stolen in Mexico that had belonged to the caller’s father.

MUIR BEACH: At 11:57 a.m. someone called about stolen items. 

BOLINAS: At 2:33 p.m. someone called about the homeless camp on the lagoon.

OLEMA: At 2:41 p.m. three cows were on the side of a road.

BOLINAS: At 4:08 p.m. someone requested a welfare check.

HICKS VALLEY: At 4:15 p.m. a swerving pickup had pulled over by the school. 

CHILENO VALLEY: At 4:31 p.m. highway patrol asked for help with the same pickup. 

INVERNESS PARK: At 7:30 p.m. a neighbor reported excessively loud music.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 9:10 p.m. homeless men were in an altercation.

DILLON BEACH: At 10:45 p.m. someone reported two poachers in the water with wetsuits and headlamps. 

Tuesday, August 2

HICKS VALLEY: At 5:28 a.m. someone said a recent case of bank fraud had caused someone to be suicidal. 

POINT REYES STATION: At 10:13 a.m. a man left his wallet in a bathroom.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 11:17 a.m. someone fell.

SAN GERONIMO: At 1:09 p.m. someone believed people were casing the area.

POINT REYES STATION: At 1:55 p.m. someone asked for a welfare check.

TOMALES: At 2:19 p.m. a woman said her ex was texting her father about her, a violation of her restraining order. 

FOREST KNOLLS: At 3:24 p.m. a woman said she had gone to the planning department to look at maps that proved that people living in a gray van were parked on her property. Now she wanted deputies to mark the vehicle for abatement.

INVERNESS: At 3:55 p.m. a tree fell onto a garbage truck on Aberdeen Way.

INVERNESS PARK: At 4:31 p.m. two neighbors reported loud music on an outdoor speaker.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 6:50 p.m. a man said squatters in a gray van had parked near his property and were openly using drugs, getting loud at night to the point of waking up kids and using the creek as a bathroom. 

LAGUNITAS: At 8:06 p.m. two people were cooking and listening to music on Castro Street. Deputies booked one on an outstanding warrant.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 8:56 p.m. a dog was barking.

SEASHORE: At 9:13 p.m. visitors were stranded when their boat motor died.

Wednesday, August 3

LAGUNITAS: At 12:05 a.m. an unfamiliar truck came up a road and turned around.

BOLINAS: At 12:59 a.m. a car drove off a road and into a ditch.

INVERNESS: At 1:32 a.m. men were chipping wood on Aberdeen Way.

BOLINAS: At 9:30 a.m. someone turned in a lost phone.

HICKS VALLEY: At 9:32 a.m. someone followed up on a welfare check.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 10:01 a.m. a man said people were defecating in the creek.

LAGUNITAS: At 11:29 a.m. homeless people were playing loud music.

WOODACRE: At 12:26 p.m. medics transported someone.

MOUNT TAM: At 3:47 p.m. medics transported someone else.

DILLON BEACH: At 4:33 p.m. someone wanted to know if there was anywhere one could camp in a vehicle overnight.

INVERNESS PARK: At 5:05 p.m. a neighbor was playing loud music. Deputies spoke to the husband of the woman responsible, telling him that the behavior had to stop.

SAN GERONIMO: At 5:16 p.m. a motorist said a man on a skateboard had charged into his lane, causing him to swerve. 

WOODACRE: At 5:43 p.m. a man who was housesitting for a friend said the friend’s dog barks continuously when he’s away and a neighbor keeps texting him and the owner with threats that he will call law enforcement. He wanted advice.

INVERNESS PARK: At 7:13 p.m. a man with sores on his face was walking in a weird pattern and talking to himself behind the market, someone said. 

MUIR BEACH: At 8:02 p.m. a woman whose home was recently burglarized said she had read on NextDoor that the suspects were in jail. Was there any more information?

POINT REYES STATION: At 8:25 p.m. a vacation rental owner said his guests were still there six hours after the time they should have vacated. 

FOREST KNOLLS: At 8:36 p.m. a man said a neighbor always parks his junk cars next to his property rather than making use of his own property and that he owned a box truck that drug addicts were moving around the area. 

SAN GERONIMO: At 9:21 p.m. a man said his father’s ex-girlfriend was on her way to their house. 

Thursday, August 4

MUIR BEACH: At 4:58 a.m. a vacationer whose rental had been robbed a week earlier wondered if law enforcement had found the stolen items. 

MUIR BEACH: At 9:18 a.m. someone called about the same burglary.

WOODACRE: At 9:32 a.m. two white hounds were walking toward the hill.

SAN GERONIMO: At 12:10 p.m. a man had been found asleep on a picnic table at the school.

LAGUNITAS: At 12:45 p.m. homeless people were playing loud music in the creek.

SAN GERONIMO: At 2:36 p.m. a car was partly parked in a road.

POINT REYES STATION: At 2:46 p.m. medics transported someone.

INVERNESS PARK: At 3:14 p.m. a man had died.

POINT REYES STATION: At 4:29 p.m. a woman moving back to the area from Los Angeles said a former postal worker was tracking her with witchcraft and sending arrows to her head. 

MARSHALL: At 7:31 p.m. a classic car broke down.

POINT REYES STATION: At 9:50 p.m. a woman heard a bang.

WOODACRE: At 10:22 p.m. someone else heard a bang.

Friday, August 5

MOUNT TAM: At 6:22 a.m. a homeless woman who had been camping for weeks in the state park said a cab driver acquaintance had been texting her and searching for her, saying he wanted to start a family with her.

BOLINAS: At noon a homeowner said a car had been parked in his or her driveway for three hours and the owner said she had car trouble and had left to look for someone to help. 

FOREST KNOLLS: At 12:10 p.m. someone said squatters living in a box van were back, openly doing drugs, going to the bathroom in the creek and rifling through the caller’s garbage. 

FOREST KNOLLS: At 12:33 p.m. a man was lying in a sleeping bag by the creek. 

STINSON BEACH: At 1:43 p.m. a dog had attacked another dog on Upton Beach.

POINT REYES STATION: At 1:53 p.m. medics transported someone.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 2:14 p.m. someone said people were camping on private property and littering in the creek.

LAGUNITAS: At 4:49 p.m. someone said homeless people were playing loud rock music in the trees above the creek, disturbing the caller’s home office work. 

BOLINAS: At 6:30 p.m. someone said youths were riding electric bikes on Terrace and a neighbor had yelled at them and shortly after a deputy drove by. The caller hoped things would not escalate. 

INVERNESS PARK: At 11:24 p.m. a neighbor was playing loud music.  

Saturday, August 6

MOUNT TAM: At 12:34 a.m. a car crashed down a mountain. 

MARSHALL: At 9:30 a.m. someone reported campers at a boat launch.

LAGUNITAS: At 9:32 a.m. three lowered Corollas were driving recklessly. 

FOREST KNOLLS: At 10:19 a.m. a property owner wished to report damage to a vacant building next to the post office, where squatters had knocked over a fence and left water running.

INVERNESS PARK: At 10:41 a.m. a neighbor had been playing loud music again.

NICASIO: At 6:25 p.m. a motorist blew an engine.

INVERNESS: At 9:11 p.m. a man said loud talking was keeping him awake.