Monday, August 30

DILLON BEACH: At 9:40 a.m. a car was blocking a driveway.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 3:45 p.m. another vehicle was blocking a roadway.

WOODACRE: At 4:59 p.m. medics transported someone.

INVERNESS PARK: At 5:03 p.m. someone reported the theft of a wallet from a table at an eatery.

BOLINAS: At 6:13 p.m. someone had died.

NICASIO: At 6:19 p.m. medics assisted someone.

POINT REYES STATION: At 6:55 p.m. a woman was standing in the middle of the highway, screaming at a man with children in a car and flagging down passersby. Deputies arrested one of them.

Tuesday, August 31

POINT REYES STATION: At 2:06 p.m. a man was yelling downtown. 

POINT REYES STATION: At 3:18 p.m. the same man was rapping and dancing.

HICKS VALLEY: At 5:02 p.m. a driver said two men in a truck had tried to run him off the road.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 8:01 p.m. a sister said her brother had grabbed her and punched her in an argument over the noise from his video games. 

BOLINAS: At 8:13 p.m. someone was worried that people in a colorful bus were going to camp on a bluff.

SAMUEL P. TAYLOR: At 10:10 p.m. a camper was approaching other campers, asking for food.

Wednesday, September 1

TOMALES: At 10:46 a.m. medics transported someone.

BOLINAS: At 11:36 a.m. a woman in a camper van screamed and cursed at drivers.

POINT REYES STATION: At 12:24 p.m. deputies notified a victim of a perpetrator’s release.

MOUNT TAM: At 12:58 p.m. medics attended to someone.

WOODACRE: At 7:49 p.m. someone complained about an R.V. parked on Castle Rock.

STINSON BEACH: At 9:37 p.m. a deputy patrolled Seadrift.

POINT REYES STATION: At 11:17 p.m. a deputy patrolled the school.

Thursday, September 2

NICASIO: At 12:51 a.m. a woman said her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was sitting at the bottom of their driveway.

MUIR BEACH: At 8:26 a.m. a resident found locks broken on a row of mailboxes and a red glove.

STINSON BEACH: At 9:46 a.m. a resident worried that vacationers and day trippers would block fire hydrants over the holiday weekend.

SAN GERONIMO: At 9:58 a.m. someone had a question about restraining order violations.

BOLINAS: At 1:15 p.m. someone needed a one-time liquor license signed.

POINT REYES STATION: At 2:08 p.m. someone offered a cyber tip about a sex crime.

BOLINAS: At 3:36 p.m. deputies conducted a probation search.

STINSON BEACH: At 4:12 p.m. a motel called about getting keys back from guests who had been detained by police on drug charges.

NICASIO: At 4:39 p.m. someone saw drift smoke that appeared to be rising from an embankment.

STINSON BEACH: At 9:30 p.m. medics assisted someone.

INVERNESS: At 10:33 p.m. medics transported someone.

Friday, September 3

BOLINAS: At 7:47 a.m. a woman was yelling in the street and dogs were barking.

BOLINAS: At 8:24 a.m. someone reported petty theft.

BOLINAS: At 11:08 a.m. a property manager was concerned that a homeless camp had been revived. Deputies said the homeless people were simply still clearing it out.

BOLINAS: At 11:55 a.m. someone wished to add information to a previous report.

BOLINAS: At 12:06 p.m. a deputy helped park rangers with cleanup.

LAGUNITAS: At 2:53 p.m. a man wanted advice about his son.

DILLON BEACH: At 3:27 p.m. a deputy patrolled the campground.

MUIR BEACH: At 4:29 p.m. a man said a neighbor constantly drove by his home in acts of intimidation. 

INVERNESS: At 7:14 p.m. vacationers at a resort reported loud disco music coming from somewhere.

POINT REYES STATION: At 7:47 p.m. a woman walking in a meadow heard a dozen gunshots.

BOLINAS: At 8:44 p.m. a man was threatening saloon staff, saying he was going to “polish his gun,” which the caller said he did own.

Saturday, September 4

DILLON BEACH: At 9:37 a.m. a father asked for a welfare check.

WOODACRE: At 9:38 a.m. someone said two men in a pickup were dumping tree clippings on a roadside. The men told deputies they were part of the town’s planting committee and were building a fence out of low tree stumps around an empty lot, to beautify it. 

WOODACRE: At 9:48 a.m. someone called for medics.

DILLON BEACH: At 10:30 a.m. a deputy patrolled the campground.

OLEMA: At 11:19 a.m. a motorist and a bicyclist collided.

DILLON BEACH: At 12:52 p.m. a woman reported a reckless driver.

INVERNESS: At 1:34 p.m. a car horn had been sounding for an hour nonstop, someone said.

BOLINAS: At 2:41 p.m. someone said there were parking problems all over town.

DILLON BEACH: At 3:53 p.m. a deputy patrolled the campground.

DILLON BEACH: At 4:51 p.m. a deputy again patrolled the campground.

POINT REYES STATION: At 6:43 p.m. someone needed medics.

STINSON BEACH: At 7:56 p.m. a woman reported an inappropriate sign on the beach that made her uncomfortable with statements about drugs and sexual activity with ladies.

Sunday, September 5

NICASIO: At 12:24 a.m. a driver crashed off the road.

STINSON BEACH: At 12:06 p.m. medics assisted someone.

SAMUEL P. TAYLOR: At 12:09 p.m. someone needed medics on Bill’s Trail.

HICKS VALLEY: At 12:36 p.m. a man had lost his biking partner.

WOODACRE: At 12:51 p.m. a man with a long beard was reported in an abandoned lot.

INVERNESS: At 1:14 p.m. someone said a person was waterskiing off Chicken Ranch Beach and asked if that was legal?

TOMALES: At 2:04 p.m. a citizen flagged down a deputy.

STINSON BEACH: At 2:18 p.m. a woman said she needed police.

STINSON BEACH: At 3:02 p.m. a rattlesnake was reported on Laurel Avenue.

STINSON BEACH: At 3:04 p.m. a car was blocking someone’s driveway on the same street.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 3:49 p.m. someone called about having outdoor music and the process of dealing with noise complaints.

STINSON BEACH: At 4:31 p.m. a van was parked in front of a fire hydrant.

POINT REYES STATION: At 6:04 p.m. someone needed medics.

BOLINAS: At 7:29 p.m. people were barbecuing at a big yellow bus parked in a no-parking zone.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 7:45 p.m. a neighbor was loudly grinding on metal.

STINSON BEACH: At 8:35 p.m. a bonfire was reported at the beach.

STINSON BEACH: At 8:45 p.m. medics transported someone.

POINT REYES STATION: At 8:56 p.m. a deputy patrolled the school grounds.

DOGTOWN: At 9:21 p.m. a driver was stalled with a flat tire.

SAN GERONIMO: At 10:05 p.m. a car was blocking someone’s gate.

NICASIO: At 10:23 p.m. a deputy patrolled the square.