Monday, January 16

STINSON BEACH: At 6:47 a.m. two trees had fallen over Panoramic.

TOMALES: At 11:02 a.m. a minivan was stalled in Dillon Beach Road.

POINT REYES STATION: At 12:13 p.m. medics transported someone.

MUIR BEACH: At 12:46 p.m. medics transported someone else.

DILLON BEACH: At 2:25 p.m. a dad driving three children flipped his truck down an embankment.

TOMALES: At 5:15 p.m. a man running on the road said a heavyset woman had pulled up alongside him and yelled at him, accusing him of filming the dogs on her property while she filmed him with her phone.

BOLINAS: At 7:13 p.m. a woman called for medics.

BOLINAS: At 7:38 p.m. a landowner said a man who had been squatting nearby had migrated over to the caller’s property after the storms toppled trees.

TOMALES: At 8:06 p.m. a car crashed into a telephone pole.

NICASIO: At 10:24 p.m. someone needed medics.

Tuesday, January 17

FOREST KNOLLS: At 12:07 a.m. a neighbor said people were banging around in a house owned by a man in jail. 

BOLINAS: At 9:59 a.m. someone wanted to know what was being done about the people camping in a pullout on the lagoon for months.

DILLON BEACH: At 10:17 a.m. a woman said she had lost her key fob at an overlook and was stranded.

STINSON BEACH: At 10:40 a.m. a woman was stuck behind a gate.

BOLINAS: At 12:18 p.m. the school wished to talk about a chronically absent student.

BOLINAS: At 12:44 p.m. medics transported someone.

INVERNESS PARK: At 5:13 p.m. someone needed help up.

Wednesday, January 18

STINSON BEACH: At 12:37 a.m. someone said three men wearing waders were poaching crabs with buckets along the spit. 

FOREST KNOLLS: At 7:47 a.m. someone wanted to talk about a recent arrest. 

BOLINAS: At 9:23 a.m. a deputy served a letter to the parents of a chronically absent student.

STINSON BEACH: At 10:16 a.m. a car was parked in a no-stopping zone.

POINT REYES STATION: At 10:17 a.m. medics transported someone.

BOLINAS: At 11:35 a.m. communication lines fell on Crescente.

INVERNESS PARK: At 12:54 p.m. medics transported someone.

SEASHORE: At 3:34 p.m. a woman said a man walking toward the beach from the Limantour parking lot had stared at her in a way that had sent shivers down her spine. 

WOODACRE: At 7:22 p.m. a man said an old friend who lives upstairs and doesn’t pay rent was yelling and acting crazy and he feared for himself and his property. 

WOODACRE: At 8 p.m. the man called back to say the woman had packed up all the food in his fridge and would deputies please respond in person this time.

SAN GERONIMO: At 8:36 p.m. a man said a pothole on White’s Hill had just popped his tire.

Thursday, January 19

BOLINAS: At 9:36 a.m. someone reported finding a driver’s license.

POINT REYES STATION: At 10:34 a.m. a deputy signed a fix-it ticket.

BOLINAS: At 10:47 a.m. a deputy patrolled downtown.

OLEMA: At 1:46 p.m. a cow was on the side of the highway.

DILLON BEACH: At 5 p.m. a woman said someone had taken her crab net and gone fishing.

SEASHORE: At 5:18 p.m. a cow was loose in the park.

SEASHORE: At 8:14 p.m. someone reported losing over $3,000 in a scam that started when a friend’s email was hacked and the hacker sent the caller an email saying he or she should invest money with a certain person.

Friday, January 20

INVERNESS: At 6:36 a.m. someone called for medics.

POINT REYES STATION: At 8:30 a.m. two cars crashed in the school parking lot.

BOLINAS: At 9:17 a.m. someone reported dumped clothing, dishes and garbage.

POINT REYES STATION: At 10:18 a.m. someone wanted advice about a tenant issue.

BOLINAS: At 10:31 a.m. a deputy patrolled downtown.

BOLINAS: At 10:53 a.m. the deputy observed traffic past the school. 

STINSON BEACH: At 11:06 a.m. a car was parked in a no-stopping zone.

INVERNESS PARK: At 12:07 p.m. a man said his ex-girlfriend and another friend kept coming into his house without permission and he believed they had drugged and molested him. 

MOUNT TAM: At 4:21 p.m. someone’s husband had gone missing on a hike.

TOMALES: At 8:01 p.m. a car was parked at a vacant home.

CHILENO VALLEY: At 9:13 p.m. a wife’s phone was suspiciously pinging somewhere.

CHILENO VALLEY: At 9:24 p.m. someone reported an underage party with alcohol. 

CHILENO VALLEY: At 10:06 p.m. a car drove into a culvert.

Saturday, January 21

CHILENO VALLEY: At 8:03 a.m. a man wanted to know about the law enforcement presence in his neighborhood in the night and whether there had been a medical emergency.

NICASIO: At 8:47 a.m. two dogs were running loose, one brown and one fluffy and white.

SAMUEL P. TAYLOR: At 11:36 a.m. a cow was in the road and a calf was nearby.

OLEMA: At 11:37 a.m. a Nissan Leaf was driving recklessly.

MUIR BEACH: At 1:08 p.m. a father had not returned from a bike ride.

POINT REYES STATION: At 2:17 p.m. a Volkswagen was parked in a handicapped spot.

MUIR BEACH: At 5:56 p.m. someone was being swept out to sea. 

SEASHORE: At 6:23 p.m. someone (wrongly) reported a fire at the R.C.A. station. 

STINSON BEACH: At 6:56 p.m. someone’s teenaged son had driven off the highway.

SEASHORE: At 7:34 p.m. a car was stalled.

OLEMA: At 7:54 p.m. another car was stalled.

SAMUEL P. TAYLOR: At 9:34 p.m. someone was driving recklessly.

Sunday, January 22

MARSHALL: At 7:43 a.m. a camper said he saw seven men with guns. Deputies told him it was duck season.

STINSON BEACH: At 9:21 a.m. a man was screaming threats at people in the park.

BOLINAS: At 9:55 a.m. someone called for medics.

BOLINAS: At 11:39 a.m. a man said he’d been unable to exit his house since the storms.

SAN GERONIMO: At 11:42 a.m. medics transported someone.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 11:54 a.m. a man was afraid his live-in son was going to hit him. 

FOREST KNOLLS: At 12:50 p.m. the man said his son had come out of his bedroom and postured at him.

BOLINAS: At 3:52 p.m. someone complained about loud music at the farm stand.

MARSHALL: At 4:20 p.m. someone smelled propane.

INVERNESS: At 4:42 p.m. someone found something lost at Shell Beach.

SAN GERONIMO: At 4:44 p.m. two vehicles crashed near the entrance to Spirit Rock.

POINT REYES STATION: At 6:08 p.m. someone reported an assault.

SEASHORE: At 7:41 p.m. two women were stranded with a flat tire.