Monday, January 1

WOODACRE: At 12:17 a.m. someone heard shots.

BOLINAS: At 4:01 a.m. someone was banging on a door.

OLEMA: At 4:31 a.m. a cow was descending Olema Hill.

INVERNESS PARK: At 1:50 p.m. medics transported someone.

HICKS VALLEY: At 2:26 p.m. medics transported someone else.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 3:04 p.m. someone called for medics.

LAGUNITAS: At 3:33 p.m. someone complained about barking dogs left on a porch.

BOLINAS: At 3:39 p.m. someone said a sign had been vandalized, with “days without a post office” replaced with “days without a cease-fire.”

BOLINAS: At 5:25 p.m. a motorist was stranded.

SAN GERONIMO: At 5:25 p.m. a woman said teenagers had thrown dog feces on the window of her car. 

MOUNT TAM: At 5:30 p.m. a pickup was stuck in mud.

POINT REYES STATION: At 5:38 p.m. someone called for advice.

POINT REYES STATION: At 6:33 p.m. medics transported someone.

POINT REYES STATION: At 6:33 p.m. deputies placed someone on a mental health hold.

Tuesday, January 2

OLEMA: At 6:01 a.m. a cow was walking east on the hill.

WOODACRE: At 10:41 a.m. a neighbor reported a rooster. The owner said she would surrender it by the end of the week.

SAN GERONIMO: At 1:47 p.m. a youth had run away from a treatment center.

WOODACRE: At 2:42 p.m. someone reported fraud.

BOLINAS: At 2:43 p.m. a truck had driven into a ditch.

BOLINAS: At 3:28 p.m. someone reported a leaf blower.

NICASIO: At 6:09 p.m. a driver said a pickup had nearly struck the caller head-on. Authorities detained the driver and towed the truck.

LAGUNITAS: At 7:45 p.m. someone requested a welfare check. Deputies found the person perfectly fine.

WOODACRE: At 10 p.m. medics transported someone.

Wednesday, January 3

POINT REYES STATION: At 7:28 a.m. someone asked for a welfare check.

INVERNESS PARK: At 7:43 a.m. a tree had fallen into cable lines.

WOODACRE: At 8:26 a.m. someone needed a lift assist.

DILLON BEACH: At 9:37 a.m. rocks had slid into a road.

TOMALES: At 10:34 a.m. cows were loose.

HICKS VALLEY: At 11:32 a.m. a car drove off a road and through a fence.

MOUNT TAM: At 3:09 p.m. a deputy noted recent graffiti. 

OLEMA: At 10:05 p.m. medics transported someone.

WOODACRE: At 10:59 p.m. a deputy ticketed a pickup blocking access.

BOLINAS: At 11:52 p.m. someone reported squatters.

Thursday, January 4

WOODACRE: At 5:46 a.m. medics transported someone.

BOLINAS: At 1:08 p.m. a woman reported a stolen Subaru Forester last seen an hour earlier.

SAMUEL P. TAYLOR: At 2:04 p.m. someone crashed.

INVERNESS PARK: At 2:41 p.m. someone reported a duck hunter. Deputies said it was duck season.

WOODACRE: At 5:06 p.m. a Lexus was double-parked.

SEASHORE: At 5:19 p.m. a Toyota Sienna with three kids in the car had a flat tire.

STINSON BEACH: At 5:48 p.m. deputies noted graffiti.

Friday, January 5

MARSHALL: At 12:57 a.m. a vacationer said her husband had left her after an argument and walked into the woods.

SEASHORE: At 12:47 p.m. a semi was stuck in a road.

DILLON BEACH: At 1:43 p.m. a man saw another man jump on a bicycle that belonged to an elderly woman and try to ride away.

BOLINAS: At 2:24 p.m. someone’s son had taken an inflatable boat to Kent Island and not returned.

FOREST KNOLLS: At 3:15 p.m. the executor of an estate called about removing a boat.

BOLINAS: At 3:47 p.m. someone complained about parked cars on Locust.

DILLON BEACH: At 4:28 p.m. someone reported finding a human femur at a campsite.

Saturday, January 6

BOLINAS: At 1:57 a.m. someone called sounding altered or semi-conscious.

BOLINAS: At 7:47 a.m. someone reported loud, possibly unpermitted construction.

BOLINAS: At 9:42 a.m. medics transported someone.

WOODACRE: At 9:58 a.m. someone else needed medics.

STINSON BEACH: At 8:31 p.m. someone called from the Parkside to report seeing a car back into the front window of the post office. The driver and passenger were now standing outside.

POINT REYES STATION: At 10:05 p.m. a chimney was turning red and sparks were flying out of it.

Sunday, January 7

SAN GERONIMO: At 7:32 a.m. someone phoned for medics.

STINSON BEACH: At 8:18 a.m. someone found the post office with major damage, as though a car had driven into the building, though no car was on the scene. 

INVERNESS PARK: At 9:37 a.m. a woman said she was looking out at duck hunters who appeared to be in the wrong spot.

STINSON BEACH: At 10:01 a.m. a man called about toxic NextDoor and Facebook posts concerning the post office and said he had to move his P.O. box to another location because things had gotten so bad. One post claimed that the damage during the night was part of a conspiracy. 

TOMALES: At 11:59 a.m. medics transported someone.

STINSON BEACH: At 12:47 p.m. a motorcyclist crashed.

STINSON BEACH: At 2:15 p.m. someone’s housemate was hysterical and dragging suitcases.

BOLINAS: At 4:50 p.m. medics transported someone.

MARSHALL: At 4:59 p.m. the boat shack at Nick’s Cove was on fire.

WOODACRE: At 11:05 p.m. someone asked deputies to check on a patient.

BOLINAS: At 11:32 p.m. someone said drunk people were partying in the street.