Bolinas and Stinson Beach will get their own dedicated social worker from Marin County, helping connect seniors, homeless people and other community members to the resources they need two days a week. The position, approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, fills a gap identified by community organizations. Currently, the West Marin Health and Human Services Center is the closest outpost staffed by social workers, and there is no dedicated worker for Bolinas or Stinson. “For a long time, I think the Bolinas community has felt that they aren’t well served by the service center in Point Reyes,” said Kari Beuerman, the county’s social services director. County officials heard input at a Zoom session last week and an in-person session the week before. “We heard loud and clear from the community a strong desire to have a social service worker who can help specifically in Bolinas,” said Benita McLarin, the county’s director of health and human services. About two dozen residents attended the in-person meeting including representatives from the school district, library and the fire protection districts. Ms. Beuerman said attendees brought up the need for a trusted advocate who could help them fill out forms and connect them with resources such as CalFresh and SNAP benefits, programs for seniors, and services like showers for the homeless population, which has grown in recent years. A survey conducted earlier this year found 23 people living in their vehicles in Bolinas, the most of any town in West Marin. The number of people living in cars and R.V.s in the county increased by more than 90 percent from 2019 to 2021. Outreach workers from nonprofits like Community Action Marin have been working to fill the gaps in services on the coast. “Our role is really outreach, but we end up doing a lot of case management,” said Laurel Hill, who directs safety net services at Community Action Marin. “It’s more efficient if there is a social worker doing that instead of my team. We’re not licensed social workers.” Ms. Hill said distance from services wouldn’t necessarily lead homeless people to leave Bolinas. “Most of these people are community members,” she said. “That’s where their roots are.” Ms. Beuerman said the new social worker will help with a wide range of needs. “The idea is to get a generalist who can talk to people, find out what they need, and connect them with someone who can provide that service,” she said. Because a reliable physical presence was important to many residents, the social worker will have consistent office hours, likely at the health clinic. “We’re still really a word-of-mouth community and you get all your news when you go to get your milk,” said Evan Wilhelm, who works as the managing director of the Bolinas Community Land Trust. “So that piece of having someone here is so important.” The trust had asked the county to consider placing a social worker in Bolinas, saying people had been coming to the organization for help with issues that were not related to housing.  “We aren’t social workers,” Ms. Wilhelm said. “We have a mission of housing but that doesn’t reach all of the needs that people have.” Now that supervisors have approved the position, which will not add to the county’s budget because of a reshuffling of personnel in the department, recruitment can begin. Ms. Beuerman said the process could take several months.