A small event at Lagunitas School drew anti-vaccine protesters on Saturday after a handful of alumni learned the event required Covid vaccinations. Seven protesters arrived at a kick-off event for the 50th anniversary celebration of the school’s Open Classroom program, carrying signs that decried vaccine mandates.

“They were well behaved and no one seemed to confront them,” superintendent John Carroll said. The school requires adults who do anything more than drop a child off on campus to provide proof of vaccination. The protesters weren’t current parents, Mr. Carroll said. “The event was publicized to all the alumni of the program. One of the parents got that message and probably organized the event,” he said.

The event was sparsely attended because an Open Classroom student tested positive last Friday, requiring the rest of his mixed-grade class to quarantine for five days. California was the first state to require vaccinations for all teachers in August.

Just one teacher in one of the school’s programs remains unvaccinated, instead opting for the required weekly testing.