The gubernatorial recall vote on Sept. 14 brought lots of voters to the polls in Marin County: The current turnout tally is nearly 65 percent, with 16 percent of people voting to recall Governor Gavin Newsom and 84 percent voting against his recall. Marin, where 47 percent of voters are registered Democrats and 24 percent are registered Republicans, consistently has one of the highest voter turnout rates in California. This election was no different, despite the irregular timing. Across California, only 55 percent of registered voters took to the polls; 63 percent voted to keep Gov. Newsom in office. For an off year with no other items on the ballot, it was a landslide victory for California’s Democratic Party. In West Marin, activists worked hard to get these results through phone banks, tabling, registration drives and letter writing campaigns. Point Reyes Station resident Carol Whitman, who organized a phone bank in advance of the recall election, was impressed with the turnout. “I hope the decisive win gives people faith in their ability to influence our democracy,” she told the Light. By Oct. 22, when final polling numbers are in, Marin is expected to reach 67 percent voter turnout.