For San Geronimo Valley photographer and videographer Matthew Polvorosa Kline, “the natural world is poetry in motion.” Mr. Kline has worked as a filmmaker for the Discovery Channel and a cameraman for National Geographic; most recently, a picture he took of a muskox in a national park in Norway won first place in an international nature photography contest. The photo is on display at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum through September. Muskox have lived in the Arctic for thousands of years and now are found in Alaska, Scandinavia and Siberia; they grow to 500 to 800 pounds and survive on roots, mosses and lichens. Mr. Kline said that after spotting a group of them on top of a mountain, he “sat in bitter cold as a snowstorm arrived. One came near me and lay down to rest, while this bull with his prominent horns and frosted wool kept a watchful eye as he drifted slowly among the rocks.”    Matthew Polvorosa Kline