Two groups with opposing interests have sent proposals to Marin County Parks for a steep, half-mile trail that leads from Woodacre to the San Geronimo Ridge in the Gary Giacomini Preserve. The Marin County Bicycle Coalition wants to open Edgewood Trail to equestrian and bicycle use, while the Residents for Edgewood Trail Preservation want to maintain the trail’s status as hiker-only. Both groups proposed improvements that would reduce environmental impacts—one of the requirements for proposals submitted under Marin County Parks’ 2014 Road and Trail Management Plan. Tom Boss of the bicycle coalition said his group’s proposal would provide an important access point to the top of the ridge; it also proposes decomissioning social trails, realigning erosive sections and improving wet crossings. Still, on a scale that shows reduction of environmental impact, the residents’ proposal would reduce impact twice as much as that of the coalitions. Each year, Marin County Parks evaluates which projects it will undertake.    David Briggs