Gas station pad thai

Ingredients : Cup-O-Noodles, peanut butter, hot sauce. Directions : Follow the heating directions on the container, adding a bit less water than called for. Place about a tablespoon of peanut butter of your choice on top and close the lid to soften before the main stirring. After a couple of...

Nature Notebook, November 23, 2016

Star gazers in the coming weeks may pick out the “royal family,” three constellations visible in the northeastern skies of late fall. These are Queen Cassiopeia (a “w” shape), King Cepheus and daughter Andromeda. In their classic story, the queen believes she is more beautiful than the sea goddesses, the...

What’s happening at the Dance Palace?

As the days grow darker and we enter into our annual days of celebration and coming together, the Dance Palace remains warm and bright! Each morning yoga mats are unrolled, each week Baby Gym fills the hall with the joy of children and delighted families, and Senior Lunch brings elders...

Art Rogers Family Album, November 23, 2016

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! THE LAST POINT REYES FARMERS MARKET OF THE FALL SEASON UNTIL NEXT SUMMER — 2005, 2010 AND 2016 The Point Reyes Farmers Market, at Toby’s Feed Barn, just finished its 26th year. It will start up again in June 2017 and run for 20 weeks, until late October...

A West Marin musical fixture: guitarist and journeyman Doug Adamz

The Sunday evening crowd at The Station House Café was slim but engaged. Against a backdrop of a brick chimney, guitarist Doug Adamz led his band through a set of acoustic folk rock that didn’t shy away from a hue of the blues. When the multi-hour set concluded, a voice...

Art Rogers Family Album, November 17, 2016

Baby of the Month ELODIE LILLIAN WAHLGREN — BORN JULY 15, 2015 Daughter of Gabriella Cole and Christopher and little sister to Etienne of Inverness Granddaughter to Susan Cole and Alan Ovson of San Francisco and Marie Antoinette and the late Maurice Wahlgren of Mill Valley

The West Marin Review: A celebration

The West Marin Review is one of the remarkable things locals brag about, and the newest issue justifies their pride. As was true of each of the previous editions, the seventh volume, released last month, is a potpourri of prose, poetry, paintings, photographs and other forms of art. Many of...

Nature Notebook

The full moon approaches on Monday, Nov. 14 with high tides peaking at 6.9 feet on Tuesday, Nov. 15. At its closest approach to earth, this moon, known as a super moon, will appear larger than usual at moonrise. During very high tides in winter, sand is carried off the...

On the benefits of dark chocolate, placebos and abortion in Ireland

Compounds in cocoa called flavanols—plant compounds found in many foods—are believed to benefit cardiovascular health. A review and meta-analysis of 19 randomized controlled trials of cocoa consumption was recently published in the Journal of Nutrition. Dr. Simin Liu, professor and director of the Center for Global Cardiometabolic Health at Brown...