Wild West Ferments wins award

Courtesy of Maggie Beth Levinger

Wild West Ferments, the fermented food business co-owned by Inverness native Maggie Levinger (above center), won a Good Food Award for its seasonal sauerkraut. The Good Food Awards honor food purveyors from across the country that meet specific criteria for sustainability, socially responsible business practices and tastiness. Among 1,937 entries, 176 craft food products won among 13 categories such as coffee, spirits, honey, cheese, oil, confections and pickles. “We’re at a make or break threshold for the business, and we’re hoping that this award will help us make it,” said Ms. Levinger, who lives in Point Reyes Station with her fiancé and business partner Luke Regalbuto (left, holding his new son with Ms. Levinger, three-month-old Lanzo). She hopes the award will help the business get into more grocery stores and entice more people to purchase it where they already sell it—which, starting in the coming weeks, will include three Whole Foods stores in Marin. “The other cool thing about the award is that you can put a sticker on a jar [that you won]. When you see an expensive thing like an $11 jar of kraut or $10 chocolate bar, you’re like, ‘What if it’s not good?’ With the Good Food seal, people know it’s going to be good.” Pictured at right is Miguel Kuntz, who has worked with the business for four years and is now the kitchen manager.