West Marin grants for youth


A new round of small grants from the West Marin Fund will focus on projects that emphasize youth involvement in nonprofits, such as internships, volunteer work or philanthropy, according to a press release. “We want them to care about this place” and “love where they live,” Catherine Porter, executive director of the fund, told the Light. Proposed projects should show youth the value of nonprofits and community engagement. Youth primarily refers to school-aged children, although the fund is less interested in drawing a hard line around eligibility as responding to the needs of West Marin’s nonprofits. This is the second round of grants the fund has announced since its inception. Applications are due April 19. Notifications and checks will be sent on May 15, and the grant must be used within nine months. Grants will range from $500 to $5,000. Questions, including a request for an application, should be directed to westmarinfund@gmail.com.