West Marin cheese blazes way


Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company won Best in Show at the State Fair this month, a recognition of the hard work the company has put into its ten-year-old product. Co-owner Lynn Straye said the win validated a generation of hard work. The company also won gold in the semi-hard cheese category for its Toma, a semi-hard cheese. Meanwhile, cheese-makers at Cowgirl Creamery unveiled a new cheese on Monday. Wagon Wheel, the company’s first hard-aged country table cheese, has been a year in the making. Nicasio Valley Cheese Company, a new venture of the Lafranchi Dairy, entered its fifth month of production of six organic Italian-Swiss cheeses inspired by the family’s roots. The company is selling its cheese at the Point Reyes and San Rafael farmers’ markets. “We’re still learning as we go and doing our best to make sure it’s a cheese that will be pleasing to our customers,” said co-owner Rick Lafranchi.