Vehicle park among suggested fixes in Bolinas


The construction of a vehicle park is one of six recommendations released by a subcommittee of the Bolinas Community Public Utility District last month, culminating several months pondering public concern over people living in and storing vehicles on the town’s roads. The committee also recommended the district work with the county to obtain a permit from the California Coastal Commission to implement an updated downtown parking and traffic plan. The committee is seeking public input on the recommendations ahead of next month’s district meeting, when the board will consider them. “The committee members agree that Bolinas should not seek to simply evict people living in their vehicles downtown without an alternative, particularly since that likely will transfer the problem elsewhere,” the committee wrote. “Bolinas has the land and the potential utilities available to support a ‘vehicle park’ or ‘tiny home community’ if one could be permitted under applicable zoning and other laws.” The Bolinas Community Land Trust has already expressed an interest in monitoring such a park, said the committee, which is also asking BCPUD to move ahead with the implementation of the Downtown Parking & Traffic Plan. Bolinas residents approved that plan in 2005, but at the time, the coastal commission objected to it because of its potential to hinder public access to the coast, a key purpose of the Coastal Act. A BCPUD committee recently conducted a parking survey whose results helped update the plan, which would employ new signage, speed humps and residential parking stickers. Bruce Bowser, chairman of the committee, said he is working with the coastal commission to implement the plan on a three-year trial basis. “We think 10 years later, we’ve got a better case for trying to make more residential parking available and we’re going to do it in a subtle but firm fashion,” he said. The other recommendations include increased enforcement of current parking laws, new tow-away zones and the removal of vehicles used as storage containers. Jennifer Blackman, the district’s general manager, said a detailed explanation of the recommendations will be posted on and published in the Bolinas Hearsay News before the next board meeting on Dec. 20. “The recommendations are there for evaluation and input and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to weigh in,” she said. Comments can be delivered to Ms. Blackman at or (415) 868.1224.