Truck topples signs, damages power poles

David Briggs
A truck towing a road grinder with a loose chute left a path of destruction in Inverness on Wednesday morning, severing a power pole, knocking down signs and cutting power to the town for the day.  

A truck carrying an asphalt grinder wreaked havoc on a portion of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Inverness on Wednesday morning, hitting three power poles and numerous signs before the driver noticed his chute was unsecured. One power pole was severed in half, knocking out power to over 700 customers in Inverness for the day. The driver, an employee of Jacob Slaight Heavy Hauling a subcontractor rehabilitating the road in the seashore, said he only realized something was amiss when a couple out walking became wide-eyed and moved away as he approached. At that point, he looked in his rearview mirror and noticed the loose piece.