Trawler debris remains on beach


Beachgoers are advised to watch their step when wandering south on Limantour Beach, as barefoot amblers may get an unpleasant surprise. Rangers at Point Reyes National Seashore are set to investigate remaining debris left over from the Half Moon Bay salmon trawler that ran aground in May, which was subsequently ground into rubble before being removed by a team of excavators—at a cost to public agencies of $110,000. Seashore spokesman John Dell’Osso said more than a dozen dump truck loads of debris were removed from the beach in May, but said some debris is probably still being unearthed. “There was a lot of heavy equipment moving down the beach, which was slightly damaging to resources there,” he said. “Any hazardous material was removed first.” However, a few months after the wreck, splintered pieces of the vessel—including broken metal and sharp glass shards the size of cell phones—are surfacing in a small area above the high-tide line, where piles of rubble from the boat once stood. After fisherman Duncan MacClean beached his trawler, it took eight days and as many technicians per day, working 13 to 19-hour shifts, to remove hazardous material from the boat, break apart the vessel and cart away the pieces. Of the total bill, $20,000 was paid by NOAA and $19,000 was paid by the Coast Guard, with the remainder falling to the park service.