Spirit house seeks flower tender


The “spirit house” erected in downtown Bolinas after 9/11 is need of a new flower tender. The community monument, which artist Ernesto Sanchez declines to call an “altar” or “shrine” to avoid any negative connotations those words might evoke, is located adjacent to the Bolinas Market. Several people have already signed up to tend the house, but organizer June McAdams announced she needs one more. For those who haven’t strolled past it on their way to the museum or to lunch at the Coast Café, the spirit house consists of a central sculpture decorated with a mirrored mosaic. Mr. Sanchez described its origin in post-9/11 Bolinas, when “there was a desire in Bolinas to have a place for focus in a moment like that.” He applied for a grant to cover the cost of materials from the Bolinas-Stinson Community Fund, and was asked whether the monument would be locked up. Mr. Sanchez answered that it would not be, but suggested that several people would tend it monthly, bringing flowers, sweeping its periphery, collecting wishes and prayers left there by passersby—and showing that it was being “watched over and protected.” Thus the tradition of flower tenders was born. Anyone interested in helping should contact Ms. McAdams at (415) 868.9052 or junemcadams@gmail.com.