Ranchers comment on CCC


The California Farm Bureau Federation and California Cattleman’s Association have asked the California Coastal Commission for more local control over land-use decisions. In letters sent during a public comment period on the Coastal Commission’s draft of a four-year assessment and strategy document, both groups said the commission has taken a bumptious attitude towards the Local Coastal Program (LCP) updating process. “The Coastal Act clearly says the content of the LCP should be local, but we’re seeing time and again the Commission telling local government what should be in it,” said Marin County Farm Bureau President Dominic Grossi. “They should at least take time to work with us. The Coastal Commission should be listening to our county about what goes in the plan, not the other way around.” The Farm Bureau asked that public access and conservation policies be voluntary, and proposed that commissioners develop a process to meet with local agricultural representatives more frequently. In its draft plan, the Coastal Commission assessed its achievements and shortcomings over the last four years, and proposed new strategies for the next four. The public comment period ends July 23.