More hurdles for Grandi permit


The application to renew coastal and use permits for the Grandi Building, which has sat vacant in downtown Point Reyes for decades, still has a number of hurdles to overcome, according to county planners. Late last month, Ken Wilson, who owns the property, received a letter listing a litany of items missing from his application to turn the building into a hotel. Among the absent components of his plans are the location of exactly where lights will go, hours of operation, projected peak hours, projected noise levels and an updated evaluation of its historic significance. One of the more substantial updates Mr. Wilson must undertake is a new traffic and parking evaluation; the study for the expired permit was conducted 14 years ago. Mr. Wilson must estimate current traffic volume as well as “reasoning and documentation that any changes in circumstances would not result in an impact that was not previously identified.” The county also wrote that it appeared the project would require an increase in the building’s current water allotment. Drew McIntyre, the chief engineer for North Marin Water District, said the district anticipated potential build-out from the Grandi, but the meter cannot be expanded until the district’s board ends the current mandatory water conservation, which could happen in September at the earliest. The permit to build a new septic system has also expired; Mr. Wilson must now change his original application to meet new county guidelines for septic systems and ensure that any changes to nearby properties in the last few years won’t trip up a new permit, since systems must maintain 100-foot setbacks from wells. Mr. Wilson, a Napa County resident, has until the end of June to submit the requested information.