Marshall Store break-in


Around $5,000 was stolen from the Marshall Store over the weekend, a burglary law enforcement has described as “unusual.” 

Just after 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, an employee arrived at the store to find the bolt cut off the front door and, once inside, discovered that both the point of sales system and a cash register—which contained several hundred dollars—were missing. The employee later saw that a safe hidden in the store’s office was also gone, and with it thousands of dollars. 

“They knew to come back [in the office],” said Shannon Gregory, the store’s owner. “It was kind of odd.” The lost money will be covered by the store’s insurance.

Upon arrival that morning, deputies found a few suspicious items, including bolt cutters. “In this particular case, there were some items left behind by, we suspect, the burglar or burglars,” Lieutenant Doug Pittman said. “We seized those items in hopes that they will help the investigation.”

Investigators plan to test for the presence of any DNA on the bolt cutters. Aside from the register, sales system and safe, the rest of the store remained undisturbed. Mr. Gregory noted that the store plans to install a new surveillance system.

The store has 18 employees, all of whom, Mr. Gregory said, “are good kids.” I’m just happy they didn’t destroy the place,” he said. “This never happens out here. Everyone leaves their front doors open.”