Marin County voted more progressive than California, results show


Marin County certified the results of the Nov. 3 election on Wednesday and as usual voter turnout was high and overwhelmingly favored the Democratic Party. With 90 percent of eligible voters casting a ballot, the most since 2008, President-elect Joe Biden received 128,288 votes to President Donald Trump’s 24,612. Rep. Jared Huffman and Assemblyman Marc Levine were easily re-elected, and on the state’s 12 propositions, Marin voted more progressive than California; five measures favored locally did not pass. Prop. 15, which aimed to increase commercial property taxes to fund schools, received 61 percent approval in Marin but failed statewide. Prop. 16, seeking to end a ban on affirmative action, was approved by 56 percent of Marin voters; only 43 percent of California voters supported it. Prop. 18, which would have allowed 17-year-olds who would turn 18 by Election Day to vote in primary elections, was favored by 58 percent of Marin voters and just 44 percent of California voters. Prop. 22, which sought to classify app-based drivers as contractors rather than employees, was approved against Marin’s wishes, and Prop. 25, which would have replaced a cash-bail system with bail based on flight risk, failed to pass, despite 61 percent approval in Marin. Propositions funding stem cell research, allowing felons to vote, offering property tax breaks for older adults, and expanding consumer data privacy all passed both in Marin and statewide. This year’s election featured only two ballot measures for West Marin, and no board seats were up for grabs; Supervisor Dennis Rodoni was re-elected in the March primary, and water, fire and school boards seats saw no competition, leading to internal appointments. Voters in Bolinas and Stinson Beach approved a parcel tax to fund Tamalpais Union High School District, and coastal voters north of Olema overwhelmingly approved a parcel tax for the Shoreline Unified School District with 82 percent approval, the second highest of any school measure in California.