Man arrested in antler standoff


A Tomales man who has pleaded guilty to wielding a sharpened deer antler is facing a possible six-month sentence in jail, law enforcement officials said this week. Timothy Cornett, 22, pled guilty Friday to the charge of exhibiting a deadly weapon in a in a rude, angry, or threatening manner last week at his family’s Whitaker Bluff Road trailer. Mr. Cornett’s actions drove his parents from the trailer, according to Marin Sheriff’s Lt. Jamie Scardina. When deputies arrived, the cantankerous suspect pulled out the deer antler, held it aloft and then used the taxidermy relic to break trailer windows and stab objects inside the trailer. An hour-long standoff at the rural property ensued, during which Mr. Cornett yelled that deputies should enter the trailer and shoot him. He was eventually talked into dropping the antler and arrested. Relatives told officials that Mr. Cornett might have been on drugs, which Lt. Scardina said was “most likely” the case. But Mr. Cornett was not tested for drugs “because of his state of agitation.” Mr. Cornett, who was released from jail on Friday pending sentencing, did not respond to a request for comment, nor did the county public defender office, which represented him. He will appear in court today for a probation hearing and in May for sentencing.