Liza Crosse joins water board


This week Liza Crosse was unanimously voted onto the board of Marin Municipal Water District, where she will represent 37,000 residents, including her neighbors in the San Geronimo Valley, for the next two years. Ms. Crosse, an aide to Supervisor Steve Kinsey, said her love of water and water issues has roots in the 1960s, when she first “dabbled her toes in Lagunitas Creek.” Her interest developed during her college years at Queenwood Ladies’ College in Sydney, Australia, where she body-surfed and scuba-dived at the Great Barrier Reef and dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. In recent years she has been chair of the water district’s Lagunitas Creek Technical Advisory Committee; through her work at the county she became interested in the “tension between the need to protect water resources while also supporting human needs.” She added: “I’ve learned, by watching Steve, that sometimes, with full engagement, careful direction and compromise, we can find a solution that delivers most, if not all, of what we want. I’ve also watched the various human behaviors in the debates over resources, and have learned the value of good communications and integrity.” Ms. Crosse will fulfill the remaining two years on the seat, and plans to run for a second term.