Highway 1 closure south of Stinson Beach slated to open fully next spring


Following a year of deadline pushbacks, the effort to restore collapsed sections of Highway 1 between Muir Beach and Stinson Beach has begun. Officials expect one lane to be reopened by the end of the year, as crews continue to install retaining walls along the roadway to repair damages caused by last winter’s relentless rains. Steve Williams, a spokesman for Caltrans, said the project, worth a total of about $25 million, will be completed by next spring. The four-mile closed section begins just south of Stinson Beach and stretches to about a mile north of Muir Beach. However, there is an exception: the closed section is open to guests of the Steep Ravine cabins, which are rented through the state park system. (There are also poor road conditions on Rocky Point Road, which connects Highway 1 to the cabins and trails below it.) Caltrans will host a community meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at the Stinson Beach Community Center to provide an overview of all its projects in the region and discuss road and trail access. Mr. Williams said the repair projects have been “very thorny because we’re dealing with the California Coastal Commission and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and you have to be careful about closing access to non-Caltrans property.” Kenny Stevens, Stinson’s fire chief, hopes the meeting will offer some clarity on the status of the highway closure, an issue he said has been riddled with inconsistent information. “I’m anxious about this meeting because I’ve heard several different things now,” he said. “I talked with [Supervisor Dennis Rodoni] about it and we want transparency with what’s going on. Especially due to the fact that winter is coming.” A community meeting on the status of current road repairs starts at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at the Stinson Beach Community Center, hosted by Caltrans.