Hall, 140 years old, needs funds


The nonprofit that owns the Tomales Town Hall is asking for donations to help keep the current restoration going amid dwindling funds. The 140-year-old building, rumored to be the oldest continuously operating town hall in this half of the state, if not the whole state, has recently undergone major repairs—including to the foundation, back wall and heating and electrical systems. But more work is needed, such as the completion of a new stage and an acoustics system (drapes and sliding panels). Board trustee Venta Leon said an “army of volunteers” has done tremendous work over the last decade to bring the building from the “brink of despair,” but around each corner lies another project. “The hall has gone from being nearly abandoned to being in use by the community almost every day,” she said. “It has been incredibly satisfying to watch that evolve. We’re proud of it, and we have lots more work to do.” The nonprofit was bequeathed $10,000 from the Cerini family, and although $25,000 of that went to the restoration—the remainder funded the purchase of an adjacent lot—what is now left is too little for comfort. Donations can be mailed to Tomales Town Hall, P.O. Box 251, Tomales, Calif. 94971.