Bernie Stephan leaves his radio post

David Briggs

Self-described revolutionary Bernie Stephan parted ways with his listeners during Monday’s Post Carbon Radio, a twice-monthly program he has co-hosted with his friend, the more moderate Bing Gong, for the last several years. Mr. Stephan said he felt he was “beating his head against the wall” and that his guests were proposing solutions for climate change and resource depletion that don’t go far enough. “People refuse to look at the facts because the facts point to us as the problem. We want to stay blameless while we point the finger; it’s like blaming Mexico for the drug problem,” he said. If he does return to the air, he said his show will be more radical in its argument for localized systems. Mr. Stephan was criticized in this newspaper for endorsing activist violence, but he argued that such critics ignore the violent consequences of the 21st-century American lifestyle.