Anonymous donor funds lagoon projects


An anonymous donor has bestowed the county’s open space district with $20,000 for four Bolinas Lagoon projects, including a restoration of the lagoon’s northern floodplain, oil spill containment supplies, habitat restoration on Kent Island and wildlife data collection. “It is unusual to receive an anonymous cash donation of this magnitude…Typically, unsolicited cash donations, whether anonymous or not, run from $10 to $500,” Ron Miska, the deputy director of the district and the parks department, said in an email. The windfall will be divided equally between the four items this fiscal year—including $5,000 for a $140,000-feasibility study for a restoration project that would entail excising the short-cut road at the Bolinas Wye to create a floodplain, and $5,000 for the removal of iceplant, beach grass and French broom from Kent Island, for which the district had budgeted $43,000.