Cora Du Bois: Agent and rigorous anthropologist

Cora Du Bois, an anthropologist who became the first female tenured professor at Harvard University in 1954, had a long and varied career. She studied outlier personalities in Western and American Indian cultures, wrote a book in the 1950s about personality and culture in a remote island of Southeast Asia, headed the Southeast Asian command in the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, and, following the war, studied the impacts of nation building in India. Yet there were elements of tragedy in the life of Ms. Du Bois, who, as a lesbian, could not be open about her longtime partner and who never managed to write a book about her studies in India.

Goodbye, West Marin!

Editor’s note: For the last several weeks we have followed Ingrid’s travels in Mexico, where she goes each December with her boyfriend, our very own columnist Victor Reyes. Ingrid is a West Marin native, raised on a dairy ranch in Marshall. Over a year ago she lost her home there...

Saltwater seeks hungry investors for oven upgrade

Since it opened in Inverness over three years ago, Saltwater Oyster Depot has done a lot with a little—that is, with two small, 30-year-old pizza ovens and a few induction burners. “At first we were like, ‘Nothing will stop us! We’ll do it!’ But now we realize there are limits,”...

That yoga asana: How old is it?

I have done yoga for 33 years, mostly Iyengar-based, but also Ashtanga, “Y” classes, gym classes, Yin yoga, Flow yoga, Vinyasa Krama yoga, Relax and Renew yoga and one Bikram class. I’ve read Yoga Journal, International Yoga and many books by various practitioners. Though I’ve heard many times about the...

Art Rogers Family Album, February 4, 2016

LAURIE MAHAN SAWYER WITH HER DAUGHTERS MARILYN, JESSIE and SHELBY, AND TWO-MONTHS PREGNANT WITH CLAIRE — 1994 Laurie has curated her third exhibition of “A Family Art Show.” It opens this Saturday at Toby’s Gallery. This time it includes three of her daughters, Jesse, Marilyn and Claire; her sister Shannon...

Audrey Piper begins pilates classes

BUSINESS: For Inverness Park resident and certified pilates teacher Audrey Piper, the way to a healthy and youthful lifestyle—even into old age—is to keep moving. “I’ve learned through pilates an understanding and awareness of movement,” said Ms. Piper, who instructs a half-dozen private clients in their homes and teaches pilates...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 28, 2016

THE BAPTISM OF BABY AURELIA AND THE CONGREGATION OF SACRED HEART CHURCH IN OLEMA Aurelia Gonella is the daughter of Annais and O’Reste Gonella of Petaluma. Her grandparents are Laura and Rod Marcoux of Point Reyes Station and Sabrina and Victor Gonella of Petaluma. Her great grandmother is Else Gonella,...

Modern shepherdess tends soils and works leather

Brittany Cole Bush, who calls herself a modern shepherdess, straddles many worlds. She guides herds and flocks based on their ancient eating habits. Yet she’s also firmly planted in the contemporary world of business, with plans for crowdfunding and a business consultant to help her start a contract grazing herd...

¡En la playa! (At the beach)

Oh, I love the beach. We spent three days doing what most people envision when you say, “I’m going to Mexico”: lounged on the beach, swam, ate meals in an open-air “palapa,” watched the sun set over the ocean, and walked barefoot on the sand in the moonlight. Only thing...

Watching the grass grow

I can’t think of anything more exciting these days than watching the grass grow. It’s even more exciting than watching paint dry. Yes, I’ve done that, too! In fact, solvents evaporating and the surface of paint skimming over is an organic process akin to ponds freezing and the growth of...