Art Rogers Family Album, November 19, 2015

IN MEMORY OF JEFF PFLUGRATH – APRIL 9, 1942 — November 4, 2015 For 35 years, Mr. Pflugrath was the superintendent, principal, 6th, 7th and 8th grade teacher and coach at Nicasio School, retiring in June 2000.

Art Rogers Family Album, November 12, 2015

THE 7TH ANNUAL VETERANS DAY SERVICE AT THE OLEMA CEMETERY — NOVEMBER 7, 2015 This year, the Honor Guard Unit from the Coast Guard’s Two Rock Training Center assisted the community in celebrating Veteran’s Day at the Olema Cemetery, where close to 100 military veterans are buried. As in years...

Animal tracking at your public beach

John Muir famously pointed out that any time you pull on a thread in nature, you find that it is connected to the whole universe. The truth of this is nowhere more evident than in the dry sand of a public beach. There is a secret world of complex and...

Life without barriers

Life without barriers: this is the motto, indeed the very soul, of the Halleck Creek Ranch. Its therapeutic horseback riding program and equine-assisted therapies, used by clients with a range of challenges, have been working their compassionate magic for over 38 years. The organization’s committed staff, supporters and volunteers never...

George Wagner, environmental force, dies at 82

George Wagner, an Inverness resident who fought for environmental causes and dedicated himself to Carl Jung’s legacy, died in Marin General Hospital after a stroke on Oct. 7. He was surrounded by his loving family: Suzanne, his wife for 50 years; two children, Melissa Mahoney and Mathew Wagner; and two...

The gardener’s lament

“You should have seen it last week!” That is the gardener’s lament. What we love about gardens—that they’re living, breathing and ever-changing—is also what we hate about them. We want to freeze those perfect moments. Recently, I came across some photographs of my garden taken a few years ago in...

Art Rogers Family Album, November 5, 2015

DONALD GURAVICH AND JOANNE KYGER’S MONTEREY CYPRESS HEDGE IN BOLINAS Thirty years ago Donald and Joanne pruned back 60 to 70 foot high Monterey Cypress trees bordering the couple’s property, for fear of the trees dropping something on their house. Donald, a professional tree trimmer, has transformed them over the...

“Point Reyes Poems” back in print

I was walking down the main street of the middle block of Point Reyes Station in the fall of 1969, open to any suggestions, mine or otherwise. I’d finished work for my master’s degree in creative writing at San Francisco State in 1968 and been accepted into the Writer’s Workshop...

Saving capitalism or surviving it?

In “Saving Capitalism,” Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor and currently a professor at U.C. Berkeley, affirms his commitment to the free enterprise system—yet more than three quarters of his book explores the ways the basic tenets of capitalism have been subverted in the United States. Reich’s underlying assumption is...