Continued cooperation key for Arab-Israeli peace

In 1998, my wife and I visited the Palestinian city of Hebron. We had come to see the Cave of Machpelah, the Biblical tomb of the Hebrew patriarchs and matriarchs. Upon exiting the tomb, we entered the city.We stepped into a wide, dusty street with elevated wooden sidewalks. It looked...

Talking about race in West Marin

Every few days, news outlets and social media expose another white person’s vexation with the presence of unarmed, non-violent, non-white people in public spaces. White adults tremble at the sight of black men and women at Starbucks or exercising at the gym, playing golf or checking out their Airbnb rental,...

López Obrador’s resounding triumph in Mexico

Against all odds, Andrés Manuel López Obrador—or AMLO, as he is called—was overwhelmingly elected President of Mexico on July 1. November polls had him leading by one digit, and by March he was ahead by around 10 points. Then, on the eve of the election, the most optimistic surveys gave...

Arrollador triunfo de López Obrador en México

Contra todo pronóstico a favor y en contra en las elecciones presidenciales del pasado 1 de julio en México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) triunfó arrolladoramente. En noviembre, las encuestas lo favorecían por un dígito. Para marzo, la diferencia rondaba los 10 puntos. En vísperas de la elección, los más optimistas le daban de 17 a 22 puntos, pero dudaban del resultado. Con un alta participación (63.50%) y a pesar de dudas y trampas, el conteo final fue de 53.17% para AMLO, del Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (Morena), 22.27% para Ricardo Anaya (¡una diferencia de más de 30 puntos!), de la coalición liderada por el Partido Acción Nacional (PAN), y 16.43% para José Antonio Meade, de la coalición del oficialista Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), la peor derrota de su historia.

The horrifying truths about Israel’s occupation

Judy Spelman’s letter of June 21, countering the empathy expressed toward the people of Gaza by community leaders affiliated with Gan HaLev congregation, demands response. Though crucial missing pieces detract from the congregants’ goodwill, they are far outdone by serious misinformation in Spelman’s criticism. Particularly problematic is her implication that...

What! Give up my cheese?

If you have not already begun to at least dabble in reducing the amount of animal-based food you consume, here is some more information you might find useful if you want to be healthier, save the planet and stop killing animals at a rate of 13,300 every second worldwide. All...

A historic presidential election in Mexico

A crucial presidential election is coming up in Mexico. On July 1, more than 90 million Mexicans, some of whom reside abroad, will elect a president who, according to all surveys, will be center-leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who leads polls by more than 20 points. Obrador is followed by...

Let’s be positive and clear up misconceptions

As an organic farmer in Lagunitas for the last 27 years, I must correct several misconceptions that Brian Staley seems to be laboring under in his June 7 letter. But first, a personal plea to the community: I implore everyone to make the conversation about our wishes for this land,...

Importante elección presidencial en México

Una crucial elección presidencial se aproxima en México. Este 1 de julio, más de 90 millones de mexicanos, algunos de los cuales viven en el extranjero, elegirán a un presidente que, según todas las encuestas, será el centro-izquierdista Andrés Manuel López Obrador, quien lidera por más de 20 puntos encuestas...

Permaculture principles, subject of series, can guide valley planning

Last month, a new education and film series focused on permaculture and regenerative farming kicked off at the San Geronimo Community Center, with a talk by Juliana Birnbaum, author of “Sustainable R(Evolution).” The standing-room only crowd was treated to a free taco dinner and entertainment by Connor McGuire’s fiddle music...