County in talks to buy Valley trailer court

The Forest Knolls Trailer Court, one of West Marin’s last spots for long-term mobile housing, appears to be for sale, a listing that has drawn the attention of Marin’s Board of Supervisors. At their meeting Tuesday, the supervisors recessed into a closed session to discuss a price and terms of...

Tobacco sales banned 
in county pharmacies

Pharmacies in unincorporated areas will no longer be able to sell tobacco under a new law unanimously approved by the board of supervisors on Tuesday. Supervisor Susan Adams said she proposed the ban to address the contradiction in pharmacies selling medication for the damage smoking causes, like asthma, lung and...

Drumming and poetry at the Dance Palace

This Saturday, as part of a rhythm and poetry night at the Dance Palace Community Center, artist Fariba Bogzaran and poet Kim Rosen will teach an audience a few verses written by the 13th century Persian poet Rumi, who wrote in Farsi. “He’s often heard in translation, so having an...

MCE seeks input on ranchland programs

Marin Clean Energy, the nonprofit agency that partners with PG&E to provide renewable energy for the county, will hold a community workshop on Aug. 13 to solicit ideas for improving energy efficiency on West Marin’s dairies, ranches and farms, to help the organization design a program to incentivize wise energy...

Huffman gives surplus funds to Democrats

If fundraising abilities are any indication of how Marin residents will vote in November, two Democratic candidates will be headed to the statehouse and a freshman congressman will keep his seat in Washington. After the “top-two” primary ended with a Democrat and Republican in every race, the Democratic candidates continued...

Inverness’s civic-minded matriarch, Maidee Moore, dies at 101

Judith Moore’s first memory is of her mother, Maidee, taking her to San Francisco for a peace march in 1950. They had to wear dresses and white gloves. Judith resented the dress, but agreed with her mother’s principles. “There I was at 5, already corrupted! I remember thinking these women...

Ranchers bid for use of 
oyster housing and shack

The Point Reyes Seashore Ranchers Association is asking the National Park Service to delay any demolition of the buildings soon to be vacated by Drakes Bay Oyster Company so their utilization for retail, education and housing may be considered during the preparation of the Ranch Comprehensive Management Plan. After the Supreme Court rejected the oyster company’s appeal, the park service will no longer have tenants on the shores of Drakes Estero, and could bulldoze the retail building as soon as Friday and the worker housing at a later date...

Common law jury finds oyster closure illegal

Something unusual happened Monday night at the fire station meeting room in Point Reyes: citizens actually volunteered for jury duty. Drakes Bay Oyster Company supporters took the law into their own hands in a civil trial. After 22 minutes of deliberation, the jury of 10 locals—including Dave Brast, Melinda Leithold,...

Inverness group recalls vote on boathouse

The recent vote by the Inverness Association to lift its decades-old deed restrictions on Brock’s Boathouse has been deemed invalid because of a violation of noticing protocols, said the association’s board president, Nick Whitney. The century-old building, originally a boat building and repair business on Tomales Bay, is currently in...

Militia names Bolinas patrol as confederates

Right-wing militias arming themselves against the 70,000 unaccompanied Latin American children expected to cross the border this year have praised an unlikely model for their xenophobia: the sign-stealing hippies of the Bolinas Border Patrol. “We have independent units from the Bolinas Border Patrol and the Central Valley Citizens militia joining...


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