Forty-five days after oyster farm closes, workers await community donations

It’s been over a month since Drakes Bay Oyster Company closed, and the workers have not yet received proceeds from an account that holds the money from fundraisers and donations jars since late 2013. But the money is coming soon, said Scott Yancy, a former Drakes Bay employee and one of the two people authorized to move the money. He plans to cut a check for the amount—just over $20,000 he says—to St. Columba’s Church, as soon as...

El Radio Fantastique to give free Western concert

Local dark cabaret band El Radio Fantastique will play a free show at the Western Saloon on Feb. 13—Friday the Thirteenth—to thank West Marin for its support as it prepares to record several new albums. “The newer stuff is dark with a happy ending,” said Giovanni DiMorente, the band’s multi-instrumentalist...

Charlie Callahan and his sea urchins

When you enter the exhibit hidden behind a black curtain at the Bolinas Museum, a glowing blue sea urchin six feet in diameter emerges from a wall. From inside the hollow sculpture come ambient recordings; they sound at times like a buckling bridge and a spaceship zooming through a galaxy...

Dillon shooter acquitted in teen’s death

On Tuesday evening, beneath a cloud-veiled full moon, Ken Neville exited through the glass front doors of the Marin County Jail, newly freed. After two weeks of trial in Superior Court, it had taken less than a day for jurors to arrive...

Defining the decisive parts of Marin’s LCP

Local agriculturalists and environmentalists worked this month on articulating their concerns about proposed changes California Coastal Commission staff made to a key part of Marin’s Local Coastal Program update. Discussions have revolved around how to regulate...

Golden Gate hears concerns over Stinson Beach septic overhaul

Neighbors had another chance to air their thoughts about a planned overhaul of the Stinson Beach septic system last week, more than a month after the public comment period ended, on Dec. 12. Remarks from the 30 or so residents who attended last Thursday’s presentation by Golden Gate National Recreation...

Vaccination rates rise in Marin—though out west, not so much

Many parents at Lagunitas and Bolinas-Stinson Union School Districts appear to be holding firm in their refusal to vaccinate their children against infectious diseases such as chicken pox, Hepatitis B and measles, despite a new California law passed last year that...

Safety concerns prompt traffic study at Stinson

A forthcoming Caltrans study of traffic on Highway 1 at the elementary school campus in Stinson Beach could result in a flashing beacon on weekday mornings and afternoons, when students arrive and depart, according to a Caltrans spokesman. The light would remind speedy motorists that elementary students and preschoolers from...

Conference highlights women, money and spirit

The idea that people can have a spiritual relationship with money may seem counterintuitive to some, but not to Kate Levinson. “For me, having a spiritual relationship with money means recognizing that I am part of larger whole—my local and the global communities—and that I can relate to money, and...


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