Retired Channel Islands superintendent delivers a cautionary tale

Tim Setnicka, the blunt-spoken former superintendent of Channel Islands National Park off the coast of Southern California, told a crowd of over 60 people at West Marin School last Thursday that the National Park Service “has no soul.” Instead, he argued, it’s comprised of people maneuvering through a bureaucracy that...

Documentary film fest debuts in Stinson

Documentary buffs rejoice: the first annual Stinson Beach Documentary Festival is scheduled for the weekend of Nov. 7. Five films released in the last year will be shown over the course of three evenings; from profiles to politics to pelicans, the selection covers a wide range of subjects. “We were...

County funds for locals

The Board of Supervisors approved $100,000 in allocations for nonprofits in Marin this week, including close to $10,000 for groups in West Marin. The San Geronimo Valley Community Land Trust nabbed $1,500 for community outreach, such as “signage, website design and maintenance, and brochures,” to help lure community members that...

Theme set for spring writers conference

Women and the Land will be the theme of the next Geography of Hope conference, a literary gathering hosted by Point Reyes Books and designed to highlight the human relationship with wilderness. The event, held in March, will feature a dozen or more writers who use their craft to express...

Painting the family Bible in Bolinas

Janis Loewengart Yerington, an artist who has lived in Bolinas for four short years, recently painted a dramatic rendition of the biblical story from the Book of Exodus—Moses breaking the tablets given to him by God—on a huge piece of driftwood in her backyard. The piece, she said, hasn’t been inside her home yet; instead, it’s sitting on an easel outside, valiantly surviving recent deluges...

Creamery project gets approval, despite gripes

The county’s deputy zoning administrator approved Cowgirl Creamery’s use and coastal permit application for a 23-foot tall, two-story office and storage building in downtown Point Reyes Station, despite a flurry of public comment submitted days before a zoning hearing and a question during the hearing itself regarding the authority of...

Hearing set for Stinson flood evasion measure

The Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Nov. 4 before deciding whether to place a Stinson Beach special tax to fund flood control measures along Easkoot Creek on the ballot in March. The tax would be $250 for improved parcels, or $50 for unimproved parcels, and would...

Citizens’ network needs coastal weather monitors

One rainy day in Colorado in 1998, the weather radar failed. Though the storm was mild overall—particularly in urban areas, where weather gauges were stationed—certain canyons got over nine inches of rain. Flash flooding followed, and lives were lost. From this event, a network of volunteer weather watchers called the...

Shoreline will explore tax on development

Shoreline’s trustees initiated the process of levying fees for new construction within the district’s boundaries and decided to continue a discussion about cutting their own health benefits in a contentious three-hour meeting at West Marin School last Thursday. The board members also announced their intention to negotiate teachers’ health benefits...


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