Author will speak on tides

Jonathan White has a few things to share about the way the ocean ebbs and flows. For his new book, “Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean,” the writer, sailor and surfer completed a worldwide study that spanned 20 years to absorb the rhythmic patterns of where the ocean...

State chooses Kinsey replacement for coastal commission seat

A state senate committee and the senate president pro tem chose a San Francisco supervisor to replace Steve Kinsey on the California Coastal Commission, the 12-member entity that regulates development along 1,100 miles of shoreline. Aaron Peskin, who comes with a long background in environmental work, started his position yesterday...

Bolinas-Stinson School delves into social-emotional learning

This year, Bolinas-Stinson School is rolling out a social and emotional learning curriculum, and last week, parents had an opportunity to learn methods and games that can boost a child’s awareness and overall happiness. “Take play seriously” was one directive from Roni Habib, the founder of EQ Schools, an emotional...

Local promotes son’s planning calendar app

Inverness resident Suzanne Speh once helped organize a fundraiser for the Inverness Garden Club, only to find out that the Marin Agricultural Land Trust was holding a major fundraiser on the same day. “Things like that, to me, are just a catastrophe,” she said. “It’s always been so frustrating to...

Town hall addresses tourist slam

People crowded the Dance Palace Community Center last Thursday to hear a panel of local and state leaders discuss how to allay the traffic and waste problems that tourism is bringing to West Marin. The event, which merged a town hall hosted by Senator Mike McGuire and a community forum...

Dance Palace hires local director

Bonnie Guttman, an Inverness resident who has significant experience with local governments and nonprofits, will become the Dance Palace Community Center’s new executive director starting March 15. The hire comes as the nonprofit creates a task force to take a closer look at its programming. “We are really happy with...

State law goads districts to shift election years

Shoreline Unified School District trustees voted last month to shift district elections to even years, a move triggered by a new state law that seeks to address low voter turnout. Senate Bill 415 requires districts that have seen a significant decrease in turnout for district elections—25 percent less than those...

AT&T looking to improve cell service, internet with Inverness tower

AT&T wants to expand cell phone and internet in West Marin: earlier this month, the company approached the Inverness Public Utility District about installing a tower near a water tank on property the district owns on Vision Road. In a letter to the district dated Feb. 15, AT&T, through consultant...

Chicken Ranch Beach restoration sees renewed possibilities with Rodoni

Advocates for a restoration plan for Chicken Ranch Beach have been stymied by a mix of legal issues, complexity resulting from multiple property owners and county reluctance for many years. But Tom Gaman, chair of the Tomales Bay Watershed Council, said last week there is now reason for hope: Dennis...


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