Bridge advisory group forming

A small community advisory committee is being put together by Caltrans to provide further local input on how Point Reyes Station’s historic bridge should be replaced. “This is not really [Caltrans’] standard way of doing business, but I think West Marin is a nonstandard community deserving a voice about the...

Busted! Breast cancer, money and the media Part ten: Bad Data: Audit Trail

When a physician makes a cancer diagnosis, there are several ways the information is entered into the California Cancer Registry’s data base. In the mid-1980s, when the registry started, abstractors trained to turn handwritten notes into hundreds of numerical codes for computerization visited hospitals to look at medical records. The...

Inland emissions top coastal output

Marin likes to pride itself on pioneering efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. But how well does the county actually reign in its emissions? A study released last month that took a unique approach to analyzing greenhouse gas emissions across nine counties in the Bay Area said Marin had the...

Former health alliance doctor stripped of license

A former Coastal Health Alliance doctor was fired from her post as the medical director for Marin Community Clinics after two separate D.U.I. arrests for pill possession and consumption that stripped her of her medical license in November. Wendi Joiner, a 40-year-old Nicasio resident, was booked by California Highway Patrol...

West Marin’s last video rental shop for sale

The last dedicated video rental business in West Marin is for sale and, according to its manager, the next owner won’t be renting DVDs. “We’re not getting community support on the videos, so they have to go,” said the manager of Video West, the Forest Knolls video rental and take-and-bake...

Stinson neighbors appeal construction

Stinson Beach neighbors who have opposed the construction of a new house in their backyard filed an appeal of the project late last month with the California Coastal Commission, which has final say-so in the matter. As a result of previous appeals of the project, the county instituted a moratorium...

Restorative justice practices taking root in West Marin

Despite being one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, Marin still suffers from its share of social problems, among them kids who break the law. In West Marin, several community leaders have long puzzled over how to handle juvenile crimes and make the lessons learned stick. They say...

Sisters buy longstanding Point Reyes gift shop

Sisters Rachel Delffs and Claudia Burke are two months into a new business venture as the owners of Viewpoints, renamed Leona’s, in downtown Point Reyes Station. Ms. Delffs, who is training a replacement for her job as the manager of West Marin Pharmacy, said that former Viewpoints owner Lee Flynn...

Stinson to drill test well

The Stinson Beach County Water District has asked the county to approve a permit to drill a new test water well that would represent about 20 percent of the town’s drinking water supply. Located at the district’s Laurel Water Treatment Plant, the proposed well would first be used to test...


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